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SSP at Mimetic: the best acts in comedy come to Enfield

We're bringing Tony Law, Chris Dangerfield and more to Enfield July 20-26. Come join us...

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 10th July 2013

Chris Dangerfield interview

Why Chris Dangerfield's new Edinburgh Fringe show is not the true story of him being a Lady Boy of the Khmer Rouge.

John Fleming, , 3rd May 2013

Chris Dangerfield interview

Chris Dangerfield on his single-handed attempt to exhaust London's sex industry...

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 25th February 2013

Chris Dangerfield asks Trevor Lock the questions

Trevor Lock on why he's not around on the UK circuit right about now...

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 14th February 2013

Josephine Lacey sets questions for Chris Dangerfield

Chris Dangerfield answers the questions from Thai rehab...

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 7th February 2013

Chris Dangerfield spent £200k+ on Chinese prostitutes

Chris Dangerfield says: "My show at the Edinburgh Fringe next year is going to be based on the fact that in around eighteen months I spent in excess of £200,000 on Chinese prostitutes."

John Fleming, , 12th October 2012

Chris Dangerfield interview

I arranged to meet Chris Dangerfield yesterday on a street corner in Soho, London's central sex district. It was his idea and it seemed appropriate for a man who performed his Sex Tourist show at the recent Edinburgh Fringe.

John Fleming, , 13th September 2012

Misunderstanding the point of comedy

The ability to both laugh at something and take it seriously is one of the defining characteristics of our species, and almost perfectly describes the social function of comedy.

Chris Dangerfield, The Guardian, 2nd September 2012

Chris Dangerfield nominated for Malcolm Hardee Award

The shortlist for the Malcolm Hardee Awards 2012.

British Comedy Guide, 21st August 2012

Vice girls back Thai sex tour stand-up

Chris Dangerfield has secured sponsorship for his Fringe show about sex tourism in Thailand - from an escort agency.

Stuart Pink, The Scottish Sun, 3rd July 2012

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