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Chris Dangerfield detained with heroin in his mouth

A few days ago, I posted a blog about performer Chris Dangerfield getting 'clean' from heroin by spending time in a Thai brothel. Our chat was shortened for length. Below is part of what I cut out. It refers to a time before he was 'clean'.

John Fleming's Blog, 2nd May 2017

Chris Dangerfield interview

'Clean' from heroin after brothel visit - but now called Nazi.

John Fleming's Blog, 28th April 2017

Chris Dangerfield interview

Chris Dangerfield, political correctness in comedy and recurring fishnet tights.

John Fleming's Blog, 19th September 2016

Chris Dangerfield on Dapper Laughs: victim of jealousy?

"Look, I don't give a shit about the bullshit personal private greedy agendas of these liberal f***s who draw arbitrary lines to serve their own agendas - and that's what they've done. That's why they're not talking about Russell Brand, Doug Stanhope, Bill Burr. But Dapper Laughs - some working class shitbag from nowhere who has said a couple of pretty unfunny things - he's a target. He hasn't said anything anywhere near as 'bad' as any of that other lot. I don't care what they say, myself. I love it. But, if you look at the criteria these people have used when talking about Dapper Laughs, then these people - Brand, Stanhope, Burr - are far 'worse'. It's all bullshit."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 25th November 2014

Chris Dangerfield: serious heroin problem & a new drug

It is no secret that comedian Chris Dangerfield has a heroin problem. He has talked about it on stage. When I met him yesterday, he was sweating a lot and he had just broken up with his girlfriend.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 18th September 2014

Chris Dangerfield on his new show, and difficult past (Link expired)

Chris Dangerfield's unflinching account of the childhood sexual abuse he suffered is darkly funny and allows the stand-up to reclaim the past on his terms, writes Claire Smith.

Claire Smith, WOW247, 16th August 2014

The Chris Dangerfield three minute interview

For the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Chris Dangerfield has decided to take on perhaps the most taboo subject of them all. Dangerfield: Sex With Children promises to address that taboo head on. As the Fringe brochure states, 'This isn't a play on words, it's about sex with children.'

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 1st July 2014

Chris Dangerfield: Make it funny & you can say anything

The most controversial comedian at the Fringe prepares for another year battling The Guardian and the Feminist Avengers.

Vonny Jones, The Skinny, 2nd August 2013

Chris Dangerfield cancels his Edinburgh Fringe shows

"This show will not be performed now - ever," said Chris. "Mainly because it didn't exist in the first place and it seems pointless to bother making the effort now. Much like last year's show Sex Tourist, I was just going to wing it and cross my fingers."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 29th July 2013

Mimetic interviews: Chris Dangerfield

Chris Dangerfield on bestiality, prostitutes and protests.

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 23rd July 2013

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