Brian Eno

Noel Fielding: rocking a new look

The Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding goes glam to relive the golden years of David Bowie, Brian Eno and the rest.

Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian, 1st February 2013

The Museum of Curiosity has the potential to be a great format. But with almost half of this episode was given over to introducing the guests, the actual idea of the programme (guests suggest curious ideas that get put into a museum) seemed to get lost. Hopefully this is just a quirk of this episode. The strength of the panel, comprising Brian Eno, Dave Gorman and Viz founder Chris Donald, means their introductory chats with host John Lloyd are funnier than their actual nominations for which they only had a very short time left over.

Sean Lock acts as the "curator" but this seemed to only further clutter the programme. Couldn't this and the host role have been combined into one, thereby allowing more time for the format to breathe?

Steve Ackerman, Broadcast, 15th May 2009

'Green' village gets backing from Brian Eno

Plans for a pioneering green2 village in County Durham have been given the seal of approval by a music legend.

Brian Eno, one of the founder members of 70s glam and art rock hitmakers Roxy Music, and now a respected newspaper columnist and record producer, spoke out in favour of the proposed eco-village at Eastgate, Weardale.

Speaking last week on The Museum of Curiosity show on BBC Radio 4, hosted by John Lloyd and comedian Sean Lock, he was invited to 'donate a fascinating exhibit to a vast imaginary museum'.

He put forward an Icelandic volcano as a means of energy production, and discussed potential geothermal energy production in the UK, naming Southampton and Eastgate as the country's key geothermal schemes.

Neil McKay, Newcastle Journal, 11th May 2009

Radio review: The Museum of Curiosity

The Museum of Curiosity (Radio 4) was a disappointingly lopsided listen. Before the contributors - Brian Eno, Chris Donald and Dave Gorman - gave their items to the museum, the chat was funny and flowing, and quite endearingly quirky.

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 5th May 2009

Where else can you find the Battle of Waterloo, a pineapple and the Big Bang but in this glorious establishment? The museum is open for its second batch of exhibits, starting with Dave Gorman who wants to put in "the urge to press the red buttons that you know you shouldn't press". I'll let you find out what silly and sensible lots Brian Eno and Chris Donald want to assign. QI with even more jokes. Made me bark with laughter.

Frances Lass, Radio Times, 28th April 2009