Mr White Goes To Westminster. Ben White (Bill Paterson). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

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Love Sarah, review

A comedy so desperate to seem progressive that it ends up a Brexiteer.

Robbie Collin, The Telegraph, 9th July 2020

Guilt, episode 4, review

At long last, a drama that stays good to the last episode.

Anita Singh, The Telegraph, 20th November 2019

Guilt, BBC Two, review

An unexpected Scottish treat with a pitch-black tone.

Sarah Hughes, i Newspaper, 20th November 2019

The police in Guilt (BBC2) are also showing no interest in getting to the bottom of the murky maelstrom of crimes . . . murder, fraud and now money-laundering. It doesn't help that one of the detectives is in the pay of the city's kingpin (Bill Paterson).

'I'm a businessman now, but a businessman who in the past committed significant amounts of extreme violence,' he growled at dodgy lawyer Max (Mark Bonnar). Bonnar is at the dark heart of this crime drama. He conveys such brittle, superficial charm we can't help guessing at what festers beneath.

All comedy in the script has leached away. There was nothing funny about the dockyard beating meted out to private eye Kenny. Like Max and his brother Jake, we've been lured into something much more dangerous than we expected.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 14th November 2019

Bill Paterson on his new TV role in Guilt

What's your favourite Bill Paterson moment? Well, I would hazard that, if you're anything like me, choosing just one will be no easy feat.

Susan Swarbrick, The National, 4th November 2019

Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 nominations

The nominations for the Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 have been announced. Breaking The News leads the lists. Chris Forbes, Christopher MacArthur-Boyd, Jay Lafferty, Larry Dean, Liam Withnail, Limmy, Susie McCabe and Tom Stade are in the running for best solo show.

British Comedy Guide, 10th May 2019

Fleabag stars answer fan theories

If you've seen the final episode and wondered what it all means, you're not the only one. We put some of the questions and theories that fans have to stars Bill Paterson and Sian Clifford.

BBC, 9th April 2019

The best references & running jokes in Fleabag finale

The final (ever?) episode of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's comedy was full of nods to the show's history - CONTAINS SPOILERS

Flora Carr, Radio Times, 9th April 2019