Barney Fishwick

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Barney Fishwick is an actor, writer and comedian.

Member of


Year Production Role
2020 Vault Festival (London) Self
2019 The Paddock Self
2019 The Paddock Writer
2019 The Now Show - Series 55 Guest
2019 The Now Show - Series 55 Writer
2019 Giants Are Fjörd Self
2018 Spice Boys - Cooking Lucien 'The Dog' Coombes
2018 Not All Men Mark Riley
2018 Not All Men Writer (Additional Material)
2018 Eurovision 2018 - Forever Young Tonight Always Lars
2018 Spice Boys Video Blog Lucien 'The Dog' Coombes
2017 Giants: For an Hour Self
2017 A Hard Brexit Hubert Rees-Soames MP
2017 A Hard Brexit Writer
2016 Giants Self
2016 Newsjack - Series 14
  1. E2 - Episode Two

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