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Writing funny when you're not feeling funny

Here's how I got back to writing funny when my brain was acting funny. The first thing I learned was... JUST. STOP. WRITING.

James Bugg, BBC, 17th May 2018

Acast launches competition to find a new hit podcast

Podcast hosting platform Acast has teamed up with production company Wisebuddah to launch a competition to find a new podcast star.

British Comedy Guide, 15th May 2018

Creating and writing Home from Home

Chris Fewtrell and Simon Crowther talk about their writing careers, their comedy heroes and creating their new show.

BBC, 27th April 2018

Interview with comedy producer Simon Nicholls

What's the key to great comedy? How can you engage the audience while still making them laugh? What should a new writer look out for?

Katherine Press, John York Story, 20th April 2018

BBC to make more online sketches

BBC Studios has been commissioned to make another six months' worth of Comedy Quickies sketches for BBC Three's social media platforms.

British Comedy Guide, 24th April 2018

Getting my first broadcast credit

My sketch was broadcast on Sketchtopia, BBC Radio 4's new sketch comedy show, and here I am, writing a blog post about it.

Ling Low, BBC, 19th April 2018

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