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The Felix Dexter Bursary - Why you should enter

I gained loads of experience on the bursary, with lots of talks from amazing writers and producers.

Jonny Wright, BBC, 16th July 2018

The serious business of comedy

The business of being funny is no laughing matter. Compared to genres like factual, reality and drama, comedy can be too expensive, too regionally specific and just too much of a risk.

Ross Biddiscombe, IBC, 28th June 2018

Tim and Simon interview

An interview with podcasters Tim and Simon.

Why Did The Chicken?, 19th June 2018

Attention Writers: Studio Sitcom Needs YOU!

During the last couple of Comedy Room open submission windows we have noticed a surprisingly low number of scripts which felt like studio sitcoms.

Robin Taylor, BBC, 15th June 2018

How This Country became a hit with millennials

Hating the pilot but loving a YouTube clip the Coopers had made of a Scrabble-playing Kerry screaming to her mum "Is Dave a word?", the producer was clear: "The big thing we all wanted was that it should have the appearance of reality."

Royal Television Society, 13th June 2018

Creating 4 comedy monologues for the Biggest Weekend

Over the last 12 months, we have been busy here in the BBC Writersroom building relationships with BBC live music festivals in order to generate opportunities for new writers to gain their first broadcast credits by writing a 60 second monologue short, produced as part of the festival outreach.

Celia Morgan, BBC, 13th June 2018

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