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Finding a character's unique voice

This is hard to do and has to be informed by character, but once you hear the characters talking in your head, you know you're onto something.

James Cary, 25th April 2017

Polishing Your Script

Deadlines are like bees. Right up close and in large numbers, they're horrendous. But from a distance, and overall, they produce good things. If you're an aspiring scriptwriter, there's a deadline looming. The BBC Writersroom is accepting unsolicited scripts between now and 15th May 2017. That means a human being will actually read your script. Or at least ten pages of it.

James Cary, 21st April 2017

Working Title hires Mark Freeland

Working Title Television UK has hired former BBC comedy chief Mark Freeland to run its comedy unit.

TBI Vision, 21st April 2017

Advice to writers

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak to some university students about writing. Here's the gist of what I said.

James Cary, Sitcom Geek, 17th April 2017

Shane Allen makes BBC comedy hires

Kate Daughton, Sarah Asante and Claire McCarthy join team.

Broadcast, 5th April 2017

Writing and cartoon advice

Some advice from Andy Riley on topics such as 'How can I break into comedy scriptwriting?'

Andy Riley, 17th March 2017

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