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NATYS Finalists.

NATYS 2018 open for entry

Tuesday 5th December

Entry is open for New Acts Of The Year 2018 (The NATYS), the London-based competition for stand-up comedians and stage performers.


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5 ways to get your characters talking

Developing characters is really difficult. It's easy enough in theory. You could start with contrasting personality types, drawn from a Meyers-Briggs chart, or by bootlegging a Shakespeare play and plonking them in 2017. But so much of what a character is - or could be - comes from how they talk.

James Cary, Sitcom Geek, 11th December 2017

Gus Beattie interview

We spoke with the award-winning producer Gus Beattie to find out more about his comedy secrets...

Why Did The Chicken?, 26th November 2017

Mercedes Grower interview

A few days ago we spoke to Mercedes about the film.

The Velvet Onion, 22nd November 2017

Interview with Fleabag producer Lydia Hampson

"If you can make them laugh, you can make them cry," believes Lydia Hampson.

Royal Television Society, 22nd November 2017

Alex Lynch interview

I am currently working on my debut solo show, Dead Air, which is a narrative sketch and character comedy set in a Radio station that's closing down.

Why Did The Chicken?, 10th November 2017

BBC Wales launches comedy writers scheme

BBC Wales has launched a new initiative to find up to three new comedy programmes for BBC One Wales and BBC iPlayer. Writers are being asked to submit scripts.

British Comedy Guide, 14th November 2017

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