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Gein's Family Giftshop report back on their Machynlleth, Brighton and Aldershot gigs. Plus explain how they're scared of London, which is up next on their schedule...

Fucking hell. Machfest was an absolute wash out, terrible place, terrible gig, terrible punters. Hated every seco- ONLY FUCKING JOKING! PUNK'D! It was more like best weekend of our flippin' lives!

Imagine a comedy festival with gigs going on in loads of lovely spaces in Machynlleth from the 29th of April to the 1st of May curated by Henry Widdicombe, with loads of brilliant acts and a crisp Chang beer as its sponsor, and you have just exactly imagined Machfest this year. Didn't even have to buy a ticket to anything, just used your brain. Science is incredible.

Leicester on the other hand was diabolical, awful venue, terrib- GOT YOU AGAIN! BEADLE'S ABOUT'D! Leicester was the draw above top draw, splendid lovely people, Colin who runs it actual got us Trophies for our trophy collection. That's next level shit, right? Should have called the tour a million pounds, but hindsight is a boat in the desert. Then we stayed in a yurt which is a posh tent.

James Meehan

Aldershot was dog shit.

Now, this BLOG should be about how exited we are to go to Brighton and perform to all the Brightonites (like parasites), but we've already done this because it was two days after Aldershot and we didn't have enough time and even less inclination to write another BLOG in that time, as you know BLOGs are notoriously hard to write and have to pass the Bechdel test.

Brighton was wonderful and Kath spoke to Kiri for like fifteen minutes about Suffrage or something, so that's that passed. It took ages to get there and back but this time it was worth it, not like that preview two years ago that didn't happen.

Onwards now to the bit of the BLOG everyone has eagerly been waiting for: THE BIT AT THE END! We are going to the fracking Pleasance for our last two tour dates! Holy Pie that's exciting, It'll be like a mini Edinburgh in the fact that we will have a nervous breakdown and get real drunk.

We're very very scared because we have to stay in London overnight and we worried that that will make us Londoners and, when we get back to Manchester, the city will smell London on us and reject us like a mother bird.

This is the kind of stuff we go through for our audiences, and it's really really stressful. Hopefully Ed's brother will come along again and bring his confused alpha male work colleagues with him, but that bridge is getting pretty hot with all the foot traffic. Fingers crossed they'll be the best two nights of the tour but, as the old adage goes, might fuck it up.


(Sincere bit at the end, Aldershot was genuinely the best gig we have ever done, the audience were actually perfect and it made us have this incredible renewed love for the show, such a delight, and you can all suck a big burly burlap sack full of dicks for making us feel. Peace and love, peace and love GFG)

Medals awarded to Gein's Family Giftshop

Some trophy's awarded by The Little Theatre. Kiri got 'Most Versatile Acting Face', we can't read Ed's, James was Most Humble Triple Jumper, and Kath won the 'Woman' award.

To find out more about the group visit The gang will risk smelling like London on the 20th and 21st June. For tickets visit The Pleasance

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