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Gein's Family Giftshop

Sketch group Gein's Family Giftshop are sending us blogs as they tour around the country. Following their first report, here is an update on how their first gigs went, and what they're looking forward to...

Feb 17th & March 3rd - Salford & Chorley

Well, well, well, well! What a flipping beautiful start!

Torrington and Exeter were a top trump, excellent, yes please, thanks for having us, lovely time.

Great Torrington was, to put it simply, very good to be in. The piece of art we performed was bob on, and they had a kebab shop where we got a kebab to share.

We're not sure what percentage of Great Torrington came to watch us as we lost our calculator trying to get into the leper parade, but it was enough, they also had leper parade which we weren't allowed to go to.

After our stay in an air bed and breakfast (they left us an oil painting of dogs and a dead teddybear outside) we saddled up for Exeter which, lo and behold was full of charity shops. Ed bought a glass for £2 (it was easily worth £2.30) and we got to perform alongside a fire alarm which is yet another thing ticked off the dreams list (good news for Ed's undescended testicle, as that's next on the list).

So it's onwards and upwards (geographically), back to the North for our friend The Lowry and his cousin Chorley Little Theatre (which, it turns out is the second biggest venue of the tour, maybe think about a rebrand, Chorley Normal Theatre, maybe). We will be taking the red car to these gigs as we got zero blood on the green one and ended up pulling into the theatres looking like a clean pea. We might even take the tram and "people watch", this is what we call it when we film people eating without their consent. Don't chew with your mouth open.

The Lowry is first, and we are very excited to perform there for three reasons. Reason 1, it is in the North so we will be home before breakfast. Reason 2, it is near the Imperial War Museum so we can get in the zone/nude before the gig. Reason 3, Ed's father will see his sons penis for the first time in, I would say 25 years?*

With regards to the tricksy Chorley "Little" Theatre, we are also very excited, for three more reasons, and all of those reasons are that Jim is from there. It is a sort of re-birth for him after spending more than a day in the south, it is his home base and he can recharge is "t'batteries" there. This will either make it the best show of the tour or the least decipherable show of the tour, either way it will be of the tour.

Thanks for having us back Manchester, we're going to treat you and your surrounding areas right.

* For clarity - Ed gets his penis out in the show, despite everyone's protestations, and Ed's dad will be coming to watch the Lowry show. The 25 years is speculative.

Gein's Family Giftshop
Gein's Family Giftshop

We'll have another update from the group soon. In the meantime, to find out more about them and where they'll be appearing next, see

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