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Morecambe. Richard Dodd
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38: theSpace Triplex
Room: Studio

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Join us for Tim Whitnall's monologue masterpiece, telling the story of Eric Morecambe, a national treasure that touched so many of our lives. We introduce Richard Dodd, bringing Eric and 32 other characters to life. Quick-fire gags, favourite routines, tears and singalongs - this show has it all. We'll certainly make you laugh. We'll probably make you cry. Join us for 90 minutes of sunshine, laughter and theatrical magic. 'If I made you laugh, all well and good. If I made you care, even better...' (Eric Morecambe).

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Press articles

Fringe: Seventies comedians find an audience from beyond the grave

There are new shows about Charlie Williams, Les Dawson and Eric Morecambe.

Mike Wade, The Times, 6th August 2022

Interview: Keith Gallois & Richard Dodd of Ed Fringe's Morecambe

A one-man monologue celebrating one of the most-loved and iconic half of TV's most successful comedy acts ever, Eric Morecambe, comes to Edinburgh Fringe.

John Kennedy, The Reviews Hub, 2nd August 2022

Morecambe interview

Morecambe is a monologue masterpiece telling the story of Eric Morecambe, the national treasure who touched so many of our lives.

On The Mic, 21st July 2022

Ten Edinburgh theatre shows about comedians

Kicking off our annual series of features, each previewing ten shows from the thousands at the Edinburgh Fringe next month, with a selection based around the art of comedy and those who perform it, real and fictional, and first-hand...

Chortle, 18th July 2022


Date Time Venue
5th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
6th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
7th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
8th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
9th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
10th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
11th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
12th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
13th Aug 15:10 theSpace Triplex (Studio)

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