Edinburgh Fringe

Where's Your Head At?

  • Comedy (stand-up / storytelling)
  • 7:15pm (60 mins)
  • 6-15, 17-22 & 24-27 Aug
  • Globe Bar (Globe)
  • Free
Where's Your Head At?. Faye Treacy
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Entry to this show is free (there may be a donations bucket at the end) and unticketed so arrive early to secure your seat.


161: Globe Bar
Room: Globe

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This show is also performed at other venues. See details below.


Faye Treacy's highly anticipated new show (Musical Comedy Awards Best Newcomer, as featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Three). A captivating storyteller, comedian and loose cannon, Faye's toured the world as a musician since a teenager. You can run away from most things on the road - except yourself. When the unimaginable happens, Faye finally battles her demons head-on, learning that maturing isn't the same as conforming. Expect big revelations, bigger laughs, and maybe a little music. 'One of the most unique performances you'll see at the Fringe this year... genius, inescapably memorable' ****½ (ShortCom.co.uk)

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Press articles

EdFringe talk: Where's Your Head At?

"This is my second hour. That difficult self-produced second album but yeah I'm actually really proud of this show."

Dan Lentell, Get Your Coats On, 17th August 2022

Faye Treacy picks her comedy favourites

"I knew Eddie Murphy from the movies, but stand-up... Wow!"

Faye Treacy, Chortle, 17th August 2022

Faye Treacy: Where's Your Head At? interview

I arranged a quick chat to get the lowdown on both the performer and her new show.

Caro Moses, ThreeWeeks, 13th August 2022

Emergency Question: What's the worst date you've ever been on?

Edinburgh Fringe comedians answer

Chortle, 11th August 2022

Emergency Question: What's the worst experience you've ever had in a hotel?

Edinburgh Fringe comedians answer.

Chortle, 9th August 2022

Emergency Question: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you at a funeral?

Edinburgh Fringe comedians answer.

Chortle, 2nd August 2022

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Having looked through this year's programme, I've picked 10 free shows that are worth adding to your Fringe plans for this year...

Elliot Gonzalez, I Talk Telly, 11th July 2022


Date Time Venue
6th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
7th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
8th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
9th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
10th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
11th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
12th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
13th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
14th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
15th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
17th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
18th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
19th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
20th Aug 12:50 The Banshee Labyrinth (Banquet Hall)
20th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
21st Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
22nd Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
24th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
25th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
26th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)
27th Aug 19:15 Globe Bar (Globe)

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