2016 Edinburgh Fringe

Comedy Poster Awards 2016

Comedy Poster Awards

The winners have been announced at the Comedy Poster Awards 2016.

The Edinburgh Festival marketing materials for Desiree Burch and Lou Sanders were the main winners in the awards, which were announced last night at a ceremony hosted by Sam Simmons.

Burch won the audience vote, whilst Sanders took the panel prize. Both win £1,500 prize money, which has been sponsored by editing company Suite TV.

Panel Prize - Lou Sanders

This poster was photographed by Thurstan Redding and designed by James Firth. "The show is called What's That Lady Doing and the poster very much reflects that, in that you look at it and think 'What's That Lady Doing?'"

What's that lady doing?. Lou Sanders

Suite's Chairman Julian Aston said of the panel prize winner: "It's been a tough decision as there are so many amazing posters but after much deliberation we chose Lou. When we saw Lou's poster our first thought was 'what is she doing? We were intrigued and it piqued our interest. The poster perfectly describes the show in a smart and well executed way!"

Audience Vote - Desiree Burch

The poster for This is Evolution is made up of lots of unsolicited 'dick pics' collected from Desiree's time online dating, and was designed by Aaron Jacob Jones.

Evolution. Desiree Burch

"So there is one sure result from internet dating if you are a woman - you will receive dick pics. Typically your response is, 'what am I going to do with this?' And if you are me, you keep them in a folder as though some good will come from a cache of dicks on your hard drive. Apparently I am not the only one, as some friends also sent me pictures of unsolicited dicks the had received to make this poster."

The following video, which perhaps unsurprisingly is not safe to view at work, demonstrates how the poster was made:

Panel Prize - Runners Up

Carl Donnelly - Bad Man Tings:

Bad Man Tings. Carl Donnelly

Jayde Adams - 31:

31. Jayde Adams

Lolly Adefope - Lolly 2:

Lolly 2. Lolly Adefope

Pippa Evans - Same Same But Different:

Same Same But Different. Pippa Evans

Audience Award - Runners Up

Kai Humphries - In Full Cover:

In Full Colour. Kai Humphries

Catherine Bohart and Cally Beaton - Cat Call:

Cat Call

Beasts - Mr Edinburgh 2016:


Jenny Collier - Jen-Hur:

Jen-Hur. Jenny Collier

The awards saw 330 posters submitted into the competition with 16,051 votes overall. This is the third year of the awards, and with the competition continuing to grow in size the organisers are now looking to run the competition in Melbourne and New York too.

To see all the entries from this year visit comedyposterawards.co.uk

Published: Monday 15th August 2016

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