Milo McCabe: Genesisocide

Milo McCabe: Genesisocide. Milo McCabe.

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Sketch show starring Milo McCabe performed on the following days in August 2015...

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Ever wondered about a parallel universe where Phil Collins was murdered as a schoolboy by a time-travelling, cuckolded, angry Greek? Milo McCabe has. The two-time Amused Moose Best Show nominee has produced a fascinating one-man sketch narrative that is impossible to sum up in 100 words. Starring Schoolboy Phil Collins, Dead Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Bob Geldof, Elton John, 2 Unlimited and Morgan Freeman as Caucasian Gary. 'Near on perfection' ***** ( 'Undeniably funny' **** ( 'Perfectly worded jokes' **** ( 'Masterclass in character comedy' **** (

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Ever imagined a parallel universe where Phil Collins was murdered as a schoolboy by an angry, time travelling cuckolded Greek? Milo McCabe has.

One evening in October 2014, after an argument with his wife (since resolved, thankfully), Milo McCabe sat down at his desk and fuelled by a mix of righteous indignation, (and the inability to do anything else), wrote an impossible and ridiculous show that he presumed would never see the light of day anywhere other than in a forgotten file on his laptop.

Four hours later a tale featuring national stereotype based time travel, Elton John as a vengeful mechanic from Walthamstow, Bob Geldof singing awful techno hits from the 90's and a spectral Phil Collins was sitting there, begging to be performed to confusion and wonder.

Which it was.

Best described as a 'time-travel based one man sketch narrative that involves removing Phil Collins from the universe as a performer' this show has been blowing preview audiences minds up and down the country.

Please come and let it blow yours.

Milo McCabe

Alongside TV appearances on Blue Go Mad in Ibiza (ITV2), Live At The Electric (BBC3) and Benidorm (ITV1, aired in 2016), Milo McCabe is an established character comedian with several successful Edinburgh runs under his belt.

In 2014 his show Troy Hawke at the Gilded Balloon garnered a 5 star review and 3 4 star reviews. He has been nominated for 'Best Show' at The Amused Moose Laughter awards in both 2013 and 2011 and in 2012 was listed as one of GQ magazine's 'Top 10 shows of the fringe'.