2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Malcolm Hardee Award nominees 2015

The Malcolm Hardee Awards

The nominees for the 2015 Malcolm Hardee Awards have been announced. The awards, which have been running since 2005, aim to recognise comic originality at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Below are the comedians in the running:

Malcolm Hardee Award For Comic Originality

Michael Brunstrom

Richard Gadd

The Story Beast

Mr Twonkey

Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award

Miss Behave (for her cardboard hashtag ads around town. Info)

Matt Roper (for hacking critic Kate Copstick's Facebook account and 'bigging' himself up on there. Info)

Abigoliah Schamaun (for putting fake stars on her poster. Pictures)

Act Most Likely To Make A Million Quid Award

Sarah Callaghan

Phil Ellis

Laurence Owen

Al Porter

The three Malcolm Hardee Award trophies

The results will be announced at the two-hour variety show on Friday 28th August at 11pm at the Counting House. Listing

The Malcolm Hardee Awards are given in memory of "one of the most anarchic figures of his era", stand-up comedian and club owner Malcolm Hardee, who drowned in 2005. The awards aim to recognise comedians at the festival who are taking part in the 'true anarchic spirit of the Edinburgh Fringe'.

The judges this year are Marissa Burgess, Kate Copstick, John Fleming, Jay Richardson and Claire Smith.

In 2012 it was Trevor Noah who was given The Act Most Likely To Make A Million Quid award. The South African comedian is now just about to take over as presenter of The Daily Show in America.

The Malcolm Hardee Awards will run until 2017... because that's the number of trophies that have been made, and organiser John Fleming is not planning to order any more. To find out more about the awards and see a list of the previous winners visit www.malcolmhardee.co.uk

Published: Tuesday 25th August 2015

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