2015 Edinburgh Fringe

How does Abigoliah Schamaun have so many good reviews already?

Abigoliah Schamaun

The festival has only just started, but Abigoliah Schamaun's posters are somehow already plastered with good reviews. Mmm...

On closer inspection, the reviews appear to be from publications we've not heard of before. Rather Redundant Mag? ThanksForTheEgoBoost.co.uk?

Abigoliah Schamaun Fringe poster with fake reviews
Abigoliah Schamaun Fringe poster with fake reviews

In case you can't read the reviews in the images, here's a copy...

"Running out of synonyms for 'funny' and 'original' but she's totally that!" - Hope this Translates to Ticket Sales Gazette

"A true talent" - Just One Person's Opinion

"A true comic talent. Brash, Ballsy, and unapologetic." - ThanksForTheEgoBoost.co.uk

"A generally good review so you have something to talk about in Loft Bar." - ReadsLikeAThree.com

"Funny, Hilarious, I laughed Loads!" - Rather Redundant Mag

"All the praise to make up for the fact she never made show choir!!!" - Leith Walk Toddler

"A complete lack of jokes but a very likeable young woman. Clearly this means a lot to her and you can see it through the performance and that's what ruins it. Good thing she's charming because I find her subject matter both explicit and dull. I don't get it. I don't like it. And I think she should go home." - HahaISaidItBeforeYouCould.blogspot.com

'Abigoliah Schamaun: Post-Coital Confessions' is at 5:15pm at Gilded Balloon on 5-18, 20-31 August. Listing

Published: Sunday 9th August 2015

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