Tim FitzHigham

Tim Fitzhigham.Given the fact that past shows from Tim FitzHigham have seen him paddle up the Thames in a paper boat, row across the Channel in a bath tub, and attempt to live as a Don Quixote style knight-errant, it could be argued that a show about odd bets is relatively tame by his standards.

However, these are no ordinary bets FitzHigham is talking about. Most are based on the bizarre real-life wagers made by wealthy gentlemen of 18th century Britain. FitzHigham has also undertaken these challenges, betting with other comedians and celebrities to form the basis of this show. Gambler is the story of the undertaking of these challenges and the results...

FitzHigham's most fierce series of wagers were with fellow comic Alex Horne, in which they recreated a bet to see who could be the fastest - FitzHigham cycling from London to Dover and back again, or Horne drawing a million dots on paper. Other bets include Hugo Speer challenging FitzHigham to role a cheeseboard over a distance of 3 3/4 miles in less than 100 goes; and a wager with Richard Hammond to see if it is possible to push a wheelbarrow from Ware to Shoreditch in under 11 hours.

FitzHigham also looks at the gambling we all do in our lives, even dealing with risks we take when, for example, choosing a mortgage.

This show is packed full of fascinating stories and adventures, with FitzHigham himself full of energy; something made all the more amazing when you consider that he suffered several injuries in completing the challenges and is currently on medication as a result.

Gambler is a rip-roaring show and FitzHigham is a gripping entertainer. It's a great performance, made even more interesting and exciting by the genuine risks and endurance challenges the comedian undertook to put together this remarkable show.

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