Michael J Dolan

Michael J Dolan.The angry and foul-mouthed Michael J Dolan appears to be of the view that just about everything is awful. This is not true - sometimes you can just be mediocre, like some of Dolan's jokes.

Dress to Depress covers what Dolan sees as the misery and pointlessness of just about all aspects of modern life, from relationships to adulthood, from television to quantum physics. It seems that nothing will cheer him up.

This is a show that is certainly not going to please everyone, there are frequent uses of the F-word and worse which will offend some people, as well as other disturbing images (you may not want to learn of his sexual fantasy).

While Dolan does have some interesting stories, such as the time he turned up drunk to a friend's barbeque only to find that children were also attending, his view of vegetarians, and his graphic description of cleaning up a cat litter tray; his set also has some problems, losing the thread on the odd occasion.

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