Anything new from the pen of Julia Davis is a must watch for me. And as ever, this looks to be another winner. The mix of realism and repulsiveness is in full swing, Alex Macqueen is wonderful as possibly the most pathetic character ever and Davis herself, while no Jill Tyrell (yet) is still her usual cocktail of vulnerable and manipulative.

A lot of Davis's work is really not for me. At all. But I liked the first episode of this, and laughed out loud quite a lot. Some disgusting brilliance.

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Julia Davis is probably the most talented woman comedy writer in the history of television. In fact, even setting her gender aside (as political correctness insists we must), she remains one of the most talented comedy writers in the history of television.

As writers go, she is most certainly one of a kind - and an exceedingly brilliant kind it is too.

I have no doubt that most would-be comedy writers watch a great many sitcoms on TV and think "I could have written this" but I doubt any comedy writer, would-be or long-established and successful, has ever watched a Julia Davis sitcom and thought anything of the sort.

Sally4Ever is simply sublime.

I concur, this is brilliant television, and very, very funny. I'm really enjoying it (well, maybe enduring is the right word!). Alex Macqueen is stealing it, takes patheticness to a whole new level, and Julia Davis' monster looks set to be well on a par with Jill Tyrell, and we're only on episode 2!

I didn't enjoy Episode 2 as much. Only got good once they got to his mum's house.

Meh, Julia Davis just doesn't do it for me. I've tried but none of her shows/writing scratches that itch.
Actually it's sad watching her partner Julian Barratt trying to ape her style vis-à-vis his Flowers show, and he gets a paycheque toss-off role in this show as well.

We can only hope with Noel embarrassing himself on the GBBO and Julian sliding into show biz irrelevance that a Mighty Boosh reboot is on the cards!

Episode two was, for me, solid gold from start to finish.

The writing, the acting, the everything was wondrous to behold.

There's a BAFTA in this series, surely?

A real delight. Davis's character is like one out of a novel, so idiosyncratic but all in ways that help the story. It's a different take on the larger than life sitcom character

Still loving this. I thought episode 3 was perhaps the weakest so far, but given the quality of the first two that still means pretty good! I think my problem at the moment is that Sally has no real reason not to tell Emma that she's a genuinely awful human being, I get that she's meek, but there comes a point when that is pretty much her only character trait at the moment. Although obviously part of the story is her discovering new areas of her sexuality, but that doesn't seem like enough to justify staying with such a monster! That said, Davis is endlessly watchable, her ability to craft scenes of excruciatingly uncomfortable awkwardness remains unmatched.

So, dare I ask what people thought of last night's?....