British Comedy Quiz Page 3


Michael Monkhouse

  • Thursday 30th April 2020, 7:59am
  • Eternal City, Italy
  • 4,862 posts

Mr Don and Mr George wasn't much cop. Spin off.


Paul Wimsett

  • Thursday 30th April 2020, 8:28am
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
  • 3,382 posts

Spinoff from a sketch show though?



  • Thursday 21st May 2020, 11:56am
  • Ludlow, England
  • 4,664 posts

First time 10/10 (though only 2/5 in the hard section)!
In the interest of full transparency, I was slightly helped by the fact that, on downloading the pic to question 4 to get a better look, the file name did slightly give it away.