What's your 'go-to' Christmas special sitcom? Page 2



  • Tuesday 21st November 2017, 12:12am
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Quote: Definitely Tarby @ 20th November 2017, 11:29 PM

How could I forget Extras. When Andy's voice breaks when he's apologising to Maggie on Celebrity Big Brother it chokes me up every time.

Same. He actually can act, you kind of forget that sometimes.



  • Saturday 25th November 2017, 10:41pm
  • Wakefield, England
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Only Fools and Horses: Jolly Boys Outing, Thicker than Water, Dates, Time on our Hands and To Hull and Back,
Keeping Up Appearances: Sea Feer
Bottom: Holy.
Are You Being Served? Christmas Crackers.
The Vicar of Dibley: Christmas Lunch Incident.
Rising Damp: For the Man Who has Everything
Porridge: No Way Out and The Desperate Hours
Steptoe and Son: Away for Christmas.
On the Buses: Christmas Duty.
Terry and June: All xmas specials.


Billy Bunter

  • Monday 27th November 2017, 6:52pm
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The Steptoe & Son Christmas special (in which Harold plans to go skiing; Albert wants to go to Bognor) is on the Yesterday Channel this evening (Monday 27th) @ 10pm, repeated tomorrow afternoon (Tues 28th) @ 4pm.


Paul Wimsett

  • Monday 27th November 2017, 7:26pm
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
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Was Eric Sykes in a Last of the Summer Wine special?



  • Tuesday 28th November 2017, 8:52am [Edited]
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Bottom - Holy is always number one for me ("Gold.... Frankenstein... and Grrr" still makes me laugh). Of course the Vicar of Dibley, Porridge. I always end up watching the Catherine Tate specials out of nostalgic habit too. Oh, and not forgetting the League of Gentleman's Christmas Special, the ending of which is still one of the most horrifyingly scary things I've seen!



  • Thursday 30th November 2017, 2:24pm
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OFAH and Porridge were first ones that came into my head.
Vicar of Dibley is agood shout as is Fresh prince


Lost Boys

  • Tuesday 12th December 2017, 7:45pm [Edited]
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I tend to navigate to the old comedy Christmas specials. Steptoe & Son, Porridge, Are You Being Served, Morecambe and Wise, Two Ronnies. I don't watch too many from nowadays.



  • Friday 15th December 2017, 7:21pm
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I always go for Father Ted, Royle Family, Mrs Brown's Boys, Extras, The Office, The Thin Blue Line and the Gavin and Stacey Special to name but a few.


Gordon Bennett

  • Monday 18th December 2017, 11:06pm
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Steptoe & Son, OFAH and maybe Father Ted.


John M

  • Wednesday 20th December 2017, 10:18pm
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Only Fools and Horses and Steptoe and Son are my usual ones. I love the Christmas special of The Good Life too - Margo's reaction to the loo roll tube in the cracker is a classic.


Definitely Tarby

  • Sunday 21st January 2018, 10:58pm
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Quote: Chop In A Toaster @ 18th January 2018, 7:35 AM

How did no one mention Mr Bean?

Image :D

Some Mr Bean is funny but most not quite so much. Mr Bean's best work is the Snickers advert.

I always watch Paul Calf's Video Diary and Three Fights, Two Weddings And A Funeral because I first saw them when they were broadcast at Christmas. The same with Coogan's Run that I can watch all year round but it will always have a festive tinge.

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A Horseradish

  • Tuesday 23rd January 2018, 6:54pm
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I like the Vicar of Dibley Christmas special.



  • Friday 2nd February 2018, 10:52pm
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Quote: A Horseradish @ 23rd January 2018, 6:54 PM

I like the Vicar of Dibley Christmas special.

I make sure it's on when I'm eating my Christmas Dinner. Cool