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About me

Favourite shows:
-Only Fools & Horses
-The King Of Queens
-The Big Bang Theory
-Married With Children
-The Simpsons
-Malcolm In The Middle
-Sledge Hammer

British comedy on DVD:
-The Best Of The Two Ronnies
-Monty Python's Flying Circus (Complete + the movies)
-Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (series 1-3)
-Porridge (Series 1-3 + Christmas specials)
-Open All Hours (Complete)
-Fawlty Towers (Complete)
-The Best Of Not The Nine O Clock News (1+2)
-Only Fools & Horses (Complete)
-Red Dwarf ("Just The Shows" + "Back To Earth")
-Blackadder (Complete)
-Rising Damp (Complete)
-The Fall & Rise Of Reginald Perrin (Complete)
-The Young Ones (Complete)
-Bottom (Complete)
-Filthy Rich & Catflap
-One Foot In The Grave (Complete)
-The New Statesman (Complete)
-The Brittas Empire (Series 1+2)
-Mr. Bean (Complete)
-The Thin Blue Line (Complete)
-Father Ted (Complete)
-Believe Nothing
-Nighty Night (Series 1)
-Lead Balloon (Series 1+2)
-The Office (Complete)
-Extras (Series 1+2)
-Spaced (Complete)
-The Mighty Boosh (Series 1-3)
-The Day Today
-I'm Alan Partridge (Series 1+2)/Knowing Me Knowing You/Mid Morning Matters Series 1
-Dad's Army (Complete)
-The Likely Lads/Whatever... (Complete)
-Come Fly With Me
-Smack The Pony (Series 1)
-Steptoe & Son (Complete)
-Hancock's Half Hour & Hancock (Complete)
-It Ain't Half Hot Mum (Complete)
-Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister (Complete)
-Not Going Out (Series 1-5)
-George & Mildred (Complete)
-Hi-De-Hi! (Complete)
-You Rang, M'Lord? (Complete)
-Are You Being Served? (Series 1-8)
-Goodnight Sweetheart (Complete)
-Love Thy Neighbour (Complete)
-Seven Of One
-The Green Green Grass (Series 2)
-Get Some In (Complete)
-Life's Too Short (The Series + The Special)
-The Trip + The Trip To Italy (Feature Film Versions)
-Man About The House (Complete)
-Mind Your Language (Complete)
-In Sickness & In Health (Complete)
-The Lovers (Complete)
-Robin's Nest (Complete)
-Citizen Smith (Complete)
-Bless This House (Complete)
-On The Buses (Complete)
-'Allo 'Allo (Complete)
-Only When I Laugh (Complete)
-Bless Me, Father (Complete)
-Ever Decreasing Circles (Complete)
-The Good Life (Complete)
-Two In Clover (Complete)
-Lucky Feller (Complete)
-Room Service (Complete)
-The Army Game (Complete)
-Moone Boy (Series 1+2)
-George And The Dragon (Complete)
-Father, Dear Father (Complete)
-Citizen James (Complete)
-The Top Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs (Complete)
-The Wackers (Complete)
-Alcock And Gander (Complete)
-The Cowboys (Series 1)

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