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I used to ask my mum to comb my hair like Hutch...

Sadly all I got was "you're 43, comb your own bloody hair "

Quote: Billy Bunter @ 5th January 2024, 2:43 PM

Hutch (as in Starsky and...) aka David Soul, 1977 dual chart-topper. Age 80.

Oh I didn't know that
Used to love Starsky & Hutch and don't give up on us baby as well


Derek Draper - Kate Garraway's husband.
I didn't even know he was ill, she never mentioned it.

Lady Diana. Wasn't publicised much.

Only one of the English players left from 1966 so they're concentrating on the West Germans now. Franz Beckenbauer age 78. "Der Kaiser"

RIP Annie Nightingale

R.I.P. Melanie. Age 76. What Have They Done to my Song, Ma, Ruby Tuesday, Brand New Key... ...

Carl Weathers RIP

Brilliant in the Rocky films 🥊

Ian Lavender. Age 77. I thought the person that told me must have been entering the realms of fantasy there but no, unbelievably, not.

RIP Pikey, up there with his scarf.


Steve Brown, comedy musician. I remember him from In One Ear and Alan Partridge.

Radio legend Steve Wright


Just heard.
That's a shocker.
Voice of the Nation and all that.
And the soundtrack of the School Run

Loved his gay hairdresser skit. Never been done before.