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Joe Kinnear R.I.P :(


Clarence "Frogman" Henry, aged 87.

Frogman Croaks

His health took a dive at the end, apparently.

I've just had a message from Clarence on my Ouija board. He wants us to know he's in a much better place and has never been hoppier.

OJ Simpson..


Quote: lofthouse @ 11th April 2024, 5:10 PM

OJ Simpson..

When I last visited this thread, the first thing that popped into my mind was "I wonder when OJ will kick the bucket? It feels like it should be soon."

I met him in 1974 at the Superstars celebrity sports competition. I still have his autograph and a dozen or more from other competitors.

"Mr Simpson, please can I have your autograph?"

"FUCK YOU MUTHAFUCKER, ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!! I mean, yeah sure kid, here you go..."

I thought this was a Rest In Peace thread, so why the f**k anyone should mention that turd is beyond me - f**k him and may he rot in hell.

He should have expired while still in jail.

One of the greatest guitarists of all time. Jessica, Ramblin' Man, Blue Sky - what a talent.

He lived about 20 miles from where I grew up, and he would often show up at bars and clubs and jam with other bands.


Fantastic player - really tasteful.

Michael Donovan
Who? The low life that drugged and kept Shannon Matthews under a bed for weeks while her mother claimed she was missing.
It was all a plot to get reward money and then she would suddenly reappear.
Even though I live 6 miles away, the police came to my house as they widened the search.
SKY helicopters were flying above all day, every day.

He died while still in prison.

Leighton James ex-Burnley & Wales winger. Born the same year as me :(

Quote: Billy Bunter @ 20th April 2024, 11:30 AM

Leighton James ex-Burnley & Wales winger. Born the same year as me :(

Join the club - it's becoming more noticeable as my clock ticks down, how many around my age group are popping their clogs

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