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I found that the 1st episode was so-so.

When The Inbetweeners was being broadcast still (I didn't really watch it, only occassionally in 2010, probably repeats), I saw that BBC Three had its own sitcom of teenagers with, what I found, difficult-to-enjoy humour. Episode One of Pramface was not, to me, BBC Three's version of The Inbetweeners.

I did enjoy episode three, and I've just watched the fourth one now on iPlayer, and I did really like it. - not 100% of what I'd go for at times, but totally there for me.

What surprised me was that they're filming in Edinburgh, though? I'm not sure where all the characters are to be from, and living in (Laura and her friend were going to Edinburgh for Uni; it was out of the blue for Beth's character to find her two friends in Edinburgh. In Scotland.), but I thought England. Ach, nice to see Lothian buses and Bisto Square (more than once, particularly noticed it in episode four) again!

Looking forwards to watching more of Pramface, and Edinburgh, especially since a second season has been announced!

The main part of it is set in England, but I've never noted them saying where, not even a vague hint as to county or area. However, as you note, it's all filmed in Edinburgh. Part of the barmy policy of producing a certain quotient of stuff in 'the regions', I assume. I guessed at first it was to do with her supposedly going there for uni, but there's been so little of that side of the story, where they filmed those few scenes has been near inconsequential.

:) True, that it didn't really make any significance difference for where they shot Laura at Uni. I was just a little surprised that they were filming in Edinburgh for 'England' somewhere without avoiding Lothian Buses in the background, but then again, it's not like they've got Edinburgh Castle and the Scott Monument in the background for 'England'.

It's like when I found out they shot all of Gavin and Stacey in Wales. Even the English bits!

Quote: Salamander @ March 26 2012, 4:59 PM BST

I was just a little surprised that they were filming in Edinburgh for 'England' somewhere without avoiding Lothian Buses in the background

I guess they assume that the only people to notice such detail would be people familiar enough with the region to recognise things like the architectural styles anyway.

Quote: zooo @ March 22 2012, 10:22 PM GMT

Yes me too. I was quite sad to realise there's only one more episode!

Same here. I think it's been far better than I thought it would be. The more the characters have been established, the funnier it's got. I particularly like the four parents. The nutty best friend isn't an original character at all but is well cast and has some good lines. The casting of Beth (I think) was very good too. She's not ugly but not overly attractive and is as witty and cool as she needs to be to be attractive. So that you want her to be with Jamie. The last episode as a step back there though, she was a bit too much of a bitch.

Yeah, agree, she was a bit too mean in the most recent ep. I suspect she might become friends/sympathise with Laura (is that her name? I should know that, really) in the next series.
I thought it might happen at the end of this series, but there's probably no time now.

I don't think she's even in the final episode.

Quote: Aaron @ March 26 2012, 6:22 PM BST

I don't think she's even in the final episode.

Boo. Makes sense though!

I think this may be the first BBC Three sitcom that I've actually watched all the way through the series. It's not bang the table with my fist funny, but there're enough laughs and some warmth to keep me going. I like the Mike character a lot as he's such a loser, but am always a little perturbed at just how much he looks and acts like Pete from Pete vs Life.

Is that the boy's friend?
He reminds me a bit of Howard Walowitz. But that might be just his looks.

Yes, the chap with a full head of rams wool.

Really good show, really enjoying it so far but dont't like the guy they cast as Mike.

Do hope tonight's final episode comes good. Last week's was pretty poor to say the least.

What was so bad about it?

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