The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle

Anyone know what has happened to this as I keep reading about this and have seen air dates but nothing has come about yet.

I believe it's supposed to be shown this summer along with Hyperdrive. It was in the daily mirror's summer previews alongside BBC's Jekyll drama and a couple of other shows.

Here's a pic:

Cheers just I'd heard winter 06 and spring 07.

I was thinking of Ade Edmondson when I first saw this thread. I'm not to keen on him, although I like Eddie & Vivienne, but compared to the mighty Rik Mayall.

Anyway back on topic.

"I know nothing.... I am from Barcelona."

I think I saw tickets to it fairly recently. Don't quote me on that though. (Someone will now.)


I thought you would be the primary contender.


When Jennifer Saunders was on This Morning in Feb (I Think) she and Fern were talking about it cos Fern is in the pilot and I could have sworn Jen said April or May start. Maybe I heard wrong either that was was put back to summer.

What's happened to it now?

God wish this would hurry up and air.

It wasn't mentioned in the BBC autumn press pack which makes me think it's been postponed... a sign that its not very good?!? Either that or they're holding it for the peak Christmas schedule?

I emailed the BBC and got the following response

"There is not currently a broadcast date for the 'Life and Times of Viviienne

So it is really, really bad then.

Or they want to hold it over until Christmas, but who knows?