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Health And Efficiency

Can anyone tell me anything about a show called Health And Efficiency?

I've read it was written by Andrew Marshall and had Victor McGuire in it. Funny that I've never heard of it as Victor was in my favourite sitcom (Goodnight Sweetheart) and I've followed almost everything the cast have done.

Again Andrew Marshall wrote another of my favourite shows, 2point4 Children and I've tried to watch more of his work. But never come across this?

It's not one I'm familiar with.

Good cast. Felicity Montagu must have done this just before doing I'm Alan Partridge. And Deborah Norton was great in Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, as one of the few people who could run rings around Sir Humphrey.

Thanks for link.

Basically had same writer and producer as 2point4 Children and 2 of it's cast. I want it!!!!!!!!!!

found a bit on YouTube

OMG I remember it!!!! :)

Andrew Marshall

Quote: Aaron @ December 3 2009, 3:29 PM GMT

It's not one I'm familiar with.

Nor me. Nor am I at all familiar with a publication of the same title.

I remember the magazine !

Fnaar, fnaar, yip yip !

:P :P

Can't find anything much on it. Did it flop? It managed 2 series.

Beyond recalling the existence of the show... nothing. :$

Quote: David Carmon @ December 4 2009, 12:55 AM GMT

Did it flop?


Yup yup yip yip !

My friend who normally can find any TV show ever even failed to find an episode. All I found was a YouTube clip. Suppose G.O.L.D won't repeat it. Another destined to never be released on DVD. Poor Andrew Marshall doesn't seem to have much luck with DVD. 2point4 Children, Dad and this one.

I know someone who has it. Tricky getting it atm though.

I'm beginning to think you live in the BBC Archives :)

Almost. But alas, still teasingly far away.

There would be never enough time in the world to watch everything in there. It would be an nformation overload.

Don't suppose there's ever a chance that this will get a DVD release. None of Andrew Marshall's stuff ever seems to come out.

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