Go To Blazes.

Go To Blazes

1962 British comedy film. Stars Dave King, Robert Morley, Daniel Massey, Dennis Price, Coral Browne, Norman Rossington, Maggie Smith, Miles Malleson and others.

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Go To Blazes

Go To Blazes

Early 1960s British comedy about a gang of bumbling bank robbers.

Inept crooks Bernard (Dave King), Harry (Daniel Massey) and Alfie (Norman Rossington) find their latest getaway plans scuppered when they get stuck in traffic due to a passing fire engine. Realising the benefits to be had by using a fire engine as their getaway vehicle, the trio quickly set about trying to source one. But when the fateful day of the robbery finally dawns, the gang's best laid plans quickly begin to unravel when they're mistaken for real firemen and diverted to a fire.

First released: Monday 30th January 2012

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