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Optimum Home Entertainment

A film distribution and DVD company, Optimum Releasing was acquired by STUDIOCANAL in 2006.

In 2011, the Optimum name was retired in favour of STUDIOCANAL (also StudioCanal UK).

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Products distributed

Year Title Format
2013 Sightseers DVD
2013 The Punch And Judy Man - 50th Anniversary Edition DVD
2013 The Rebel DVD
2013 The Titfield Thunderbolt - 60th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD
2012 The Man In The White Suit - Digitally Restored DVD
2012 Cockneys Vs Zombies DVD
2012 Two-Way Stretch DVD
2012 Passport To Pimlico - Digitally Restored DVD
2012 Twice Round The Daffodils DVD
2012 Go To Blazes DVD
2011 David Mitchell's Soapbox DVD
2011 Withnail And I DVD
2011 Kind Hearts & Coronets - Digitally Restored DVD
2011 Whisky Galore! - Digitally Restored DVD
2011 Submarine DVD
2011 The Lavender Hill Mob - Digitally Restored DVD
2011 Kinky Boots DVD
2011 The Importance Of Being Earnest DVD
2011 No Kidding DVD
2011 Please Turn Over! DVD
2011 Watch Your Stern DVD
2011 The Love Lottery DVD
2011 Happy Ever After DVD
2011 It's Great To Be Young! DVD
2011 Make Mine A Million DVD
2011 The Big Job DVD
2011 Up Pompeii DVD
2011 Up The Chastity Belt DVD
2011 The Ghost Of St. Michael's DVD
2011 The Black Sheep Of Whitehall DVD
2011 Morgan - A Suitable Case For Treatment DVD
2011 Private's Progress DVD
2010 Four Lions Blu-ray
2010 The Duke Wore Jeans DVD
2010 It's All Happening DVD
2010 Sailors Three / Save A Little Sunshine DVD
2010 Tommy The Toreador DVD
2010 Keep Fit DVD
2010 The Bargee DVD
2010 Water DVD
2010 The Constant Husband DVD
2010 Raising The Wind DVD
2010 A Private Function DVD
2010 Privates On Parade DVD
2010 How To Get Ahead In Advertising DVD
2010 Nuns On The Run DVD
2010 The Missionary DVD
2009 In The Loop DVD
2009 Sparrows Can't Sing DVD
2009 Touch And Go DVD
2009 Yellowbeard DVD
2009 Keep Your Seats Please DVD
2009 The Happiest Days Of Your Life DVD
2009 My Learned Friend DVD
2009 The Goose Steps Out DVD
2009 Will Any Gentleman..? DVD
2009 A Run For Your Money DVD
2009 Another Shore DVD
2009 The Foreman Went To France & Fiddlers Three DVD
2008 Nickelodeon DVD
2008 The Carry On Collection Volume 1 - Carry On Sergeant / Carry On Teacher / Carry On Nurse / Carry On Constable DVD
2008 The Carry On Collection Volume 3 - Carry On Spying / Carry On Cleo / Carry On Screaming / Carry On Cowboy DVD
2008 The Carry On Collection Volume 2 - Carry On Regardless / Carry On Cruising / Carry On Jack / Carry On Cabby DVD
2008 Son Of Rambow DVD
2008 Our Miss Fred DVD
2008 Lady Godiva Rides Again DVD
2008 The Tommy Steele Collection DVD
2007 Who Done It? DVD
2007 Alastair Sim Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2007 Will Hay Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2007 Alec Guinness Collection - Screen Icons DVD
2007 Gonks Go Beat DVD
2007 Brothers In Law DVD
2007 The Family Way DVD
2007 Terry-Thomas Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2007 No Limit: TT Races Centenary Edition DVD
2007 George Formby Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2007 What's Good For The Goose DVD
2007 Sid James Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2007 Summer Holiday DVD
2007 The Young Ones DVD
2007 Frankie Howerd Double Bill - Up Pompeii / Up The Chastity Belt DVD
2007 I'm All Right Jack DVD
2007 Leslie Phillips Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2007 Carry On Cabby DVD
2007 Carry On Cleo DVD
2007 Carry On Nurse DVD
2007 Carry On Sergeant DVD
2007 Carry On Spying DVD
2001 Carry On Cruising DVD
2007 Nurse On Wheels DVD
2007 Blue Murder At St Trinian's DVD
2007 The Belles Of St. Trinian's DVD
2007 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery DVD
2007 The Pure Hell Of St Trinian's DVD
2006 Kind Hearts And Coronets DVD
2006 Passport To Pimlico DVD
2006 The Ladykillers DVD
2006 The Lavender Hill Mob DVD
2006 The Man In The White Suit DVD
2006 The St. Trinian's Collection DVD
2006 The Titfield Thunderbolt DVD
2006 Love Thy Neighbour DVD
2006 Ooh... You Are Awful! DVD
2006 Steptoe And Son / Steptoe And Son Ride Again DVD
2006 The British Comedy Collection DVD
2006 Peter Sellers Collection - Comic Icons DVD
2006 On The Buses - On The Buses - Mutiny On The Buses - Holiday On The Buses DVD
2006 On The Buses/Mutiny On The Buses/Holiday On The Buses DVD
2006 Are You Being Served? - The Movie DVD
2002 Clockwise DVD
2006 Boy Eats Girl DVD
2005 The Captain's Paradise DVD