Blue Murder At St. Trinian's. Copyright: John Harvel Productions / STUDIOCANAL
Blue Murder At St. Trinian's

Blue Murder At St. Trinian's

  • 1957 film

The girls of St. Trinian's win a tour of Europe, getting involved in love, stolen diamonds and plenty of chaos along the way. Stars Terry-Thomas, George Cole, Joyce Grenfell, Alastair Sim, Norma Ann Sykes and more.


The St. Trinian's School Song, sung at the beginning of the film.

Maidens of St Trinian's gird your armour on,
Grab the nearest weapon, never mind which one!
The battle's to the strongest. Might is always right,
Trample on the weakest, glory in their plight!

St Trinian's! St Trinian's! Our Battle Cry.
St Trinian's! St Trinian's! Will Never Die.

Stride towards your fortune, boldly on your way,
Never once forgetting, there's one born every day,
Let our motto be broadcast, "Get your blow in first",
She who draws the sword last always comes of worst.

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