Comedy Production Questions

We cannot answer individual questions about how to create comedy or make a career out of comedy. We do however have lots of support on this website for those looking to get into comedy.

BCG Pro probably has the answer!

BCG Pro is a set of resources, tools and services dedicated to the art of the creation of comedy. In this section of the site you can get advice, help and support in regards to writing, performing, producing and directing.

Our message board has 3,000+ threads about writing and performing!

Our Creating Comedy forum is a massive repository of advice, help and answers. You can find everything from how to format a tricky scene, to knowledge on the best production companies to work with. We also have a service listing Opportunities within BCG Pro, and there are Critique and Showcase forums to get feedback and to share what you've made, respectively.

We NEVER read scripts

We don't have time to read scripts for free. Sorry! You can find details of professional feedback services within the 1-2-1 services section of BCG Pro, and/or ask for feedback from your peers in our Critique forum.

Can I email you about writing or performing?

Sorry, we simply don't have the time for the number of requests we get. Our forums will be of much better - and quicker - help than we could ever be.

We do, however, wish you the best of luck! Don't forget to visit BCG Pro