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Sorry but we can rarely answer individual questions about books, DVDs, Blu-rays and other products - we just get too many. Perhaps we can help you find the answer elsewhere?

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Firstly, have you searched our thousands of shop listings? If you're looking for a specific product then try the search box below.

Other places to look

There are some products we don't yet have listed, so do try direct searches on websites like Amazon UK and eBay, just to be sure. If you're happy to pay for downloads, try iTunes and Amazon Video

Can't find it anywhere?

Is it quite new? If you're looking for a recent TV, film or radio production, it may not yet have been released. Particularly with television programmes, if another series is being made then distribution companies will often only release the previous series when the new one begins.

Is it an older title? Sadly many older comedy titles have yet to be released; it can cost a lot of money for companies to release them for the public to buy and often it is felt they will not get their investment back. Things are changing though - lots of archive titles comes out every year, so do keep checking our coming soon pages. You can also sign up to our free fortnightly shop newsletter and follow @BritComedyShop on Twitter for the latest news.

I just can't wait to watch it

There are a few other acquisition options available to those with the time and know-how. Unfortunately, most are also illegal.

Try to find videos online: Episodes may be available on YouTube, Daily Motion or similar video sharing websites. Some are official whilst others have been illegally uploaded by fans; their picture and/or sound quality may be poor.

Discover torrenting: A popular but almost always copyright-infringing (illegal) option, the BitTorrent protocol uses special software to share video and audio files with people who are willing to share their own recordings. The world of BitTorrent and the software available is ever-changing, plus there are risks involved (for example, some downloads contain viruses), so you will need to investigate further yourself if you wish to go down this route. For those reasons, and because almost all such content is shared illegally, we cannot recommend this option.

Tell me when it is available...

If you find our Guide to the comedy you are interested in and click the red Like button there, we will email you if we hear news about the show; like new DVD, book, Blu-ray or CD releases.

Buying from outside the UK

If you live outside the UK, you need to bear in mind international postage costs and DVD and Blu-ray region restrictions. See our international importing guide

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If you sign in to BCG, you can use our Wishlist tool for free. Simply press the blue Wishlist button on any item and we will store that item on your account.

You can choose to share your wishlist with your family, friends and the public, and opt to receive email updates about the status of the products you are interested in. To change your settings visit your Wishlist page.

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If your query is regarding something we haven't touched upon above, you can use this form to ask us a question (enquiries that are answered above may be discarded without reply); otherwise please post a question in our merchandise forum and take advantage of the hive mind of fellow comedy fans.