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Via our Online section, we feature the best sketches, web series and short films published on the internet. To send us your creation for consideration please see below.

Note: Sorry, we only have the capacity to feature videos published in the last couple of months. i.e. Please don't send us your archive creations made before 2021.

Individual sketch or short film

Please email the following to

  1. The URL of your video.
  2. At least two high resolution pictures. Ideally iconic stills photography, but screen captures are OK.
  3. If it is not already revealed in your video's description...
    a) A short synopsis/description we can publish
    b) a cast list (with character names)
    c) crew details (writer, producer, director etc)

Web series

Please download our document, which will explain what information we require to create a guide to your web series.

Download document

When you have finished filling it in, email it to