BCG Pro Video Contest

BCG Pro Video Contest

British Comedy Guide, through BCG Pro, is looking for the best video sketches to showcase to comedy fans.

If you've made a sketch and are looking to share it with a big audience, you can enter it into this contest for free. It doesn't matter when it was made, or if you've published it elsewhere already. Each month our judges will select their favourite. The winning sketch will:

  • Receive £100 in cash
  • Be shared on British Comedy Guide's Twitter, Facebook and YouTube platforms - reaching more than 200,000 comedy fans

The Criteria

Your sketch must not be longer than 2 minutes.

The judges will be looking for the highest quality submissions. Your sketch will only have a chance of being selected if it has great production values, including a crisp picture and good sound. It must be super-funny throughout too, of course - the funniest wins!

You could have filmed the sketch at any time, but it must still feel relevant today.

You must own full copyright on everything in the video and have full clearance from all involved to enter it into this contest.

It doesn't matter if you've already published the sketch elsewhere but, if you're selected, to claim the prize you must be willing and able to share the raw video file with British Comedy Guide for direct upload to our social media accounts. You'll be granting British Comedy Guide non-exclusive distribution rights to that sketch on the stated platforms in perpetuity.

You need to sign in to submit an entry
It is totally free to enter this competition, but you need to sign in to British Comedy Guide to be able to submit your entry. If you don't yet have an account you can register here.


This competition is open for entries until further notice.

You may submit one project into the contest for consideration in each entry window. You may use your entry opportunity to submit a project on behalf of a team/collective, as long as all involved have consented for the video to be submitted.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant, and must not infringe the rights of any other party.

Once you have entered, your video will be included in the next judging window, and the two after that. If your video has not been selected after three months, you may wish to enter a different video (which resets your entry - i.e. it'll then be involved in three judging windows). Ergo, you can submit up to 4 entries across 12 months.