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Yus, My Dear. Image shows from L to R: Lil Briggs (Queenie Watts), Wally Briggs (Arthur Mullard). Image credit: London Weekend Television.

Yus, My Dear

After many years living on a caravan site, Wally and Lil have a new home and a good income. All would be well if it were not for his brother Benny

1976  (ITV)
19 (2 series)
Arthur Mullard, Queenie Watts, Mike Reid, Valerie Walsh
Ronald Wolfe, Ronald Chesney
London Weekend Television

Wally and Lil Briggs have moved from the caravan site where they lived for many years and now live in a council house. Wally has even got a well-paid job on a building site and life is looking good for them. The arrival of Benny, Wally's younger brother, spoils their happiness as he sponges off Wally while looking for a permanent place to stay. Lil is all too aware of his tricks even if the gullible Wally is not ...

Our Review: A spin-off series from Romany Jones that saw the two caravan dwellers elevated to a show of their own in a more domestic setting. The first series gained a relatively healthy audience and, buoyed by it's initial success, LWT commissioned a further 13 shows. They were broadcast later the same year and interest quickly disappeared. Comedian Mike Reid, who made his acting debut in this show, acknowledged that he was dreadful in it - but he was not alone.

Broadcast dates in this guide are for the London region. As with many LWT productions of this era, regions would schedule shows on the weekend to suit their own viewer patterns.