Series 1 (2013)

1. Crisis At The Summit

First Broadcast: Tue 15th January 2013

Yes, Prime Minister returns in a contemporary setting and unsurprisingly there is trouble afoot for the fraught PM. Jim Hacker's premiership is falling apart when a saviour appears - Kumranistan!

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2. The Poisoned Chalice

First Broadcast: Tue 22nd January 2013

Jim holds a dinner to welcome the Kumranistan Foreign Secretary.

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3. Gentlemen's Agreement

First Broadcast: Tue 29th January 2013

Humphrey's pro-Euro scheme has been stymied. But then some expenses claims are revealed.

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4. A Diplomatic Dilemma

First Broadcast: Tue 5th February 2013

Desperate to secure the Kumranistan loan agreement, Jim must provide some unusual sexual arrangements!

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5. Scot Free

First Broadcast: Tue 12th February 2013

Another crisis looms for Jim when a coalition partner threatens to jump ship. Guest starring Robbie Coltrane.

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6. A Tsar Is Born

First Broadcast: Tue 19th February 2013

Jim's efforts to appease the Kumranistan Foreign Secretary have failed. But then, Sir Humphrey has a plan.

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