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Terry & June

June Whitfield and Terry Scott star as a middle-class, middle-aged, middle-England suburban couple who never fail to get into trouble

1979 - 1987  (BBC One)
65 (9 series)
Terry Scott, June Whitfield, Terence Alexander, Tim Barrett, John Quayle, Rosemary Frankau, John Warner, Reginald Marsh, Allan Cuthbertson
British Broadcasting Corporation

Terry and June Medford are a middle-class, middle-aged, middle-England couple - but not exactly 'average'. June constantly longs for, and tries to attain a comfy, quiet life. However, she is constantly thwarted by Terry's bad luck, not to mention his childish and often foolish behaviour!

Our Review: Terry & June is a delightful, care-free comedy, the likes of which we are now rarely offered. Despite being the antithesis of the 'alternative comedy' movement and being of a farcical comedy style that remains somewhat out of vogue and looked down upon to this day, the show remained hugely popular throughout its run and continues to enjoy occasional repeats on channels such as GOLD and now ITV3.

Offering the viewer a warm, comfortable atmosphere, this series is more than suitable entertainment for the whole family. Perfect for a gentle, laid-back laugh.