Terry & June. Image shows from L to R: Terry Medford (Terry Scott), June Medford (June Whitfield). Copyright: BBC.

Terry & June

BBC One sitcom about a middle-aged couple. 65 episodes (9 series), 1979 - 1987. Stars Terry Scott, June Whitfield, Terence Alexander, Tim Barrett and others.

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Terry Scott Terry Medford
June Whitfield June Medford
Terence Alexander Malcolm Lawrence/Harris (Series 1-2)
Tim Barrett Malcolm Lawrence/Harris (Series 3-8)
John Quayle (as John Quale) Malcolm Lawrence/Harris (Series 9)
Rosemary Frankau Beattie Lawrence/Harris (Series 2-9)
John Warner Rev. Austin Doyle (Series 1 & 3-5 & 7-9)
Reginald Marsh Sir Dennis Hodge
Allan Cuthbertson Tarquin Spry (Series 3-6)
Writing team
John Kane Writer
Production team
Peter Whitmore Director (Series 1-3 & 5-7)
John B Hobbs (as John B. Hobbs) Director (Series 4)
Peter Whitmore Producer (Series 1-3 & 5-7)
John B Hobbs (as John B. Hobbs) Producer (Series 4)
William Symon Editor (Series 1)
Alistair McKay (as Alastair Mackay) Editor (Series 2-4)
Graham Sisson Editor (Series 3)
John Dunstan Editor (Series 5-6)
Ian Williams Editor (Series 5-6)
Chris Wadsworth Editor (Series 5-7)
Graeme Story Production Designer (Series 1)
Fiona Comrie Production Designer (Series 2)
Gloria Clayton Production Designer (Series 3 & 5-7)
Tom Yardley-Jones Production Designer (Series 3-4)

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