Starlings. Image shows from L to R: Uncle Loz (Matt King), Fergie (Steve Edge), Jan (Lesley Sharp), Terry (Brendan Coyle), Charlie (Finn Atkins), Gravy (John Dagleish), Bell (Rebecca Night). Image credit: Baby Cow Productions.


Sky1 comedy drama about a dysfunctional family living in Derbyshire. Written by Matt King and Steve Edge

Comedy Drama
2012 - 2013  (Sky1)
16 (2 series)
Brendan Coyle, Lesley Sharp, Steve Edge, Matt King, Alan Williams, Rebecca Night, Ukweli Roach, Finn Atkins, John Dagleish
Matt King, Steve Edge
Baby Cow Productions

Starlings follows the lives of a typical working-class brood who live near Matlock in Derbyshire. Granddad has recently moved in, following a rabble-rousing incident at the old folks' home. Rather than see him unhappy, Terry and his warm-hearted wife, Jan, decide to move his father in to their already crammed family home.

Making room for him is Charlie, their 16-year-old football-crazy tomboy daughter; work-shy, reptile enthusiast, Gravy; and beautiful Bell and her brand new baby, Zac, who arrives bang on time for the first episode. Then there's Bell's ex-boyfriend, Reuben, trying to get back with her.

Uncle Loz, Granddad's long-lost son and the artist of the family; and last, but not least, Jan's nephew, Fergie, who offers to bivouac in the garden, after being made homeless when his long-suffering partner chucks him out. And that's it, Starlings - a fully-fledged functional family.