Starlings. Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


  • TV comedy drama
  • Sky One
  • 2012 - 2013
  • 16 episodes (2 series)

Sky1 comedy drama about a dysfunctional family living in Derbyshire. Written by Matt King and Steve Edge. Stars Brendan Coyle, Lesley Sharp, Steve Edge, Matt King, Alan Williams and more.

Character guide

Starlings. Terry (Brendan Coyle). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


Played by: Brendan Coyle

Terry is the father of the family and he's a new grandfather as well. He is an electrician by trade, as is his father. Terry is an upbeat character, loves life and has a good energy about him.

Starlings. Jan (Lesley Sharp). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


Played by: Lesley Sharp

Jan is the matriarch of the Starling family. She's very happily married to Terry, has three children, and earns little bits and pieces of money here and there from winning competitions.

Starlings. Fergie (Steve Edge). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


Played by: Steve Edge

Fergie is Jan's nephew. He's travelled since he left school, just drifting really. His parents live in Florida so he hasn't got any family in the UK and, when he splits up from his girlfriend, he has nowhere else to go. He ends up sleeping in his Nan's old caravan.

Starlings. Uncle Loz (Matt King). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions

Uncle Loz

Played by: Matt King

Loz is Grandad's long lost son. He was adopted and grew up in Kent, separately to the rest of the Starlings. But he appeared back on the scene a year ago, and was reunited with his real father.

Starlings. Grandad (Alan Williams). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


AKA: Billy Starling.  Played by: Alan Williams

Grandad - real name Billy - is a former electrician, just like his dad, born and raised in Matlock. He's ended up living in the Starling house because they had taken him to an old folk's home but he was causing too much trouble there.

Starlings. Bell (Rebecca Night). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


Played by: Rebecca Night

Bell, 23, is the middle Starling child. She is a pretty normal, good old Matlock kind of girl. She wanted to be a model, but has just had a baby so that plan might be on hold.

Starlings. Reuben (Ukweli Roach). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


Played by: Ukweli Roach

Ruben is Bell's long-term boyfriend. He's mature and sees the good in everyone. He's very open - and sometimes a bit too honest for his own good. He's deeply in love with Bell, and the duo have just had a baby together.

Starlings. Charlie (Finn Atkins). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


Played by: Finn Atkins

Charlie is the youngest of the Starling children. She is a bit of a tomboy. She plays football and is going for trials. She is her dad's last hope of having someone that plays football in the family and someone that can take over the family business.

Starlings. Gravy (John Dagleish). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions


AKA: Graham Starling.  Played by: John Dagleish

Gravy - real name Graham - is the oldest of the Starling sons... but only in age. He's probably the most immature of the children and a bit of a mummy's boy.

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