Episode 1.6 - Poorly Soo

Soo has had an accident on her roller-skates and needs to stay in bed. Luckily Sooty and Sweep are on hand to bake her a cake - but they only have eggshells and pepper! Can Richard come to the rescue?

First Broadcast Details

Fri 9th September 2011
11 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Sun 30th Aug 2015 (7:15am, ITV)
  • Mon 5th Oct 2015 (11:15am, CITV)
  • Wed 6th Jan 2016 (10:50am, CITV)
  • Sun 24th Jan 2016 (7:05am, ITV)

Episode 1.6 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Richard Cadell ... Richard
Brenda Longman ... Soo (Voice)
Writing Team
Richard Cadell ... Writer
Wink Taylor ... Writer
Alex Skerratt ... Writer
Production Team
Jeremy Swan ... Director
Richard Cadell ... Exec Producer
Michael Vine ... Exec Producer
Sara Langton ... Exec Producer
Barrie Bignold ... Composer
Other Cast / Crew
Brian Sandford ... Puppeteer
Joolz Clough ... Puppeteer
Mandy Glass ... Puppeteer

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