Pinwright's Progress. Mr J. Pinwright (James Hayter). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Pinwright's Progress

The daily happenings at Macgillygally's Stores, owned by Mr J. Pinwright

1946 - 1947  (BBC One)
10 (1 series)
James Hayter, Clarence Wright, Sara Gregory, Daphne Maddox, Doris Palmer, Leonard Sharp, Charles Irwin, Sam Hinton
Rodney Hobson
British Broadcasting Corporation

J. Pinwright owns the world's smallest multiple-store, but life is far from easy. His attractive daughter, fierce rival, Ralph the octogenarian messenger boy, and members of staff (trying to be helpful) hinder him day-by-day.

Staff member Mrs Sigsbee was much in the same vein as Mrs. Slocombe from Are You Being Served?, being highly outrageous in her time.

Our Review: Even if it was bad, Pinwright's Progress was the world's first 'proper' TV sitcom, so November 26th 1946 will be the British Comedy Guide's first destination once time travel is possible!