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Radio Times Top 40 TV Shows of 2015, #25:

It all ended this year, in true Peep Show style, with both a bang and a whimper. Never before has a programme's grand finale combined a kidnapping, urine-drinking, Delia Smith, and a jibe about overpriced coffee with such effortless pizzazz. Our heroes ended up alone, but together, and a fate any less dysfunctional wouldn't have rung true. Such was the joy of Peep Show: though Mark (David Mitchell) and Jez (Robert Webb) lived a life none of us would hope to emulate, from the bleakness emerged moments of familiarity. Who didn't recognise Mark's constant struggle - Kenneth Clark's Civilisation and sea bream, or Octopussy and a Twirl?

Hannah Shaddock, Radio Times, 28th December 2015

Peep Show does execute its particular misery more effectively than its competitors.

Written by Emmett Rensin. Vox, 23rd December 2015

The final instalment of Peep Show was, like all the other episodes of Peep Show leading up to this point, brilliant. It was made more brilliant by the continued underplaying of its own brilliance, as if everyone involved knows they're doing something hilarious but it would be a bit un-British to crow about it.

In this episode, Jez was struggling to keep pace with his drug-guzzling younger boyfriend and facing the prospect of his 40th birthday with some apprehension: "40 is basically 50 and 50 is dead". Mark, meanwhile, declared his love for April, but obviously it wasn't quite as straightforward as that, and by the end the El Dude brothers were alone again, sitting in their flat watching a nature documentary about the reintroduction of wolves into the wild. "What next?" muses Mark. "Bring back smallpox? We all had fun with the smallpox, didn't we? Is it time smallpox had a reboot?"

Farewell, then, Peep Show. I'll miss you.

Elizabeth Day, The Observer, 20th December 2015

It was finally to say adios to the El Dude Brothers. Peep Show's final series was a triumph, almost like a farewell tour as Mark met up again with April from a memorable episode from series 2 and Jeremy spoke as Best Man at Super Hans' wedding. This final series offered everything we wanted from Peep Show and whilst we're sad it won't be back, it has ended at the right time.

The Custard TV, 18th December 2015

I think 40 is proably a good cut-off point but I'm still sorry to see them go.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 17th December 2015

Peep Show stays true to nine series of brilliant comedic form in its finale.

Written by DC. Den of Geek, 17th December 2015

'Are we going to be all right?' Jez asks in the final scene. Probably not.

Written by Steve Bennett. Chortle, 17th December 2015

The El Dude brothers are doomed to repeat this routine forever.

Written by Morgan Jeffery. Digital Spy, 16th December 2015

To celebrate 12 years of television's favourite socially incompetent duo.

Written by Clarisse Loughrey. The Independent, 16th December 2015

The resolution came all too quickly in Peep Show's big finale, says Iona McLaren.

Written by Iona McLaren. The Daily Telegraph, 16th December 2015

We say goodbye to the era-defining sitcom with an episode full of the depravity, hilarity and human truths that have set it apart for 12 years.

Written by Sam Wollaston. The Guardian, 16th December 2015

Channel 4's veteran comedy ended with excruciating, downbeat brilliance - but all good things must come to an end, says Ben Dowell.

Written by Ben Dowell. Radio Times, 16th December 2015

Mark and Jeremy came to blows as the cult hit series bowed out.

Written by Ben Travis. The Evening Standard, 16th December 2015

Bidding a sad 'laters' to a humbling take-down of post-millennial life in a shit flat.

Written by Christopher Hooton. The Independent, 16th December 2015

There have been laughs, there have been tears, there have been snakes, men with ven, three weddings, two funerals, a baby, and, of course, a dead dog in a bin. The world of British comedy will be that much the poorer without them.

Written by Joshua Worth. On The Box, 16th December 2015

Peep Show is certainly one of the greatest sitcoms made in recent decades. It is the show that we comedy connoisseurs want to take to all those people who watch Mrs. Brown's Boys, broadcast in front of them, and tell them that this is the show they should have been watching. I'll miss it... *MIMES PULLING CORD* Ehhhhhhh!! Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 16th December 2015

After 54 episodes over nine series, the El Dude brothers have reached the end of the line. Where Sex and the City and The Sopranos rounded off in style and other series crash-landed, will tonight's finale do the show justice?

Written by Mark Lawson. The Guardian, 16th December 2015

When Peep Show first arrived on our screens in 2003, it put off some who thought it too 'zeitgeisty' - too Channel 4. First developed as a kind of live-action Beavis and Butt-Head, where two graduates would trade sarky observations about TV shows, its inner monologues and POV perspective struck many as a gimmick cooked up by TV execs. But, as Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan later said, he hated Peep Show 'right up until the moment I actually watched it'.

Written by Tom Slater. Spiked, 16th December 2015

I can't quite believe that this is the last episode of Peep Show. Which sitcom can we turn to when we're feeling like ruined, depressed misfits against whom all the world is arranged? We'll just have to watch it all again and jot down notes on how to cope with life, because it has taught us several lessons such as: keep your boiler at the right temperature; never go along with any plan devised by Super Hans; don't opt for a career in credit control and never be ashamed to admit you prefer Radio 4 to a night of clubbing and getting high.

In this last episode, Jeremy is forced to admit that he's getting older. His boyfriend wants to party, take drugs and stay awake for three days and Jeremy is trying to keep up with him but really just wants to close the bedroom door and sleep for a fortnight. He's afraid to admit he's getting older and slowing down and so pretends his upcoming 40th birthday is really just his 39th. And as Mark keeps trying to win

April's heart, Super Hans proposes a plan and Mark is desperate enough to go along with it.

Julie McDowall, The National, 16th December 2015

​Remember those viral videos where people took a photo of themselves everyday for 49 years? Just imagine if Peep Show​'s Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb) got bored - not a huge stretch- and did the same...

Digital Spy, 16th December 2015

A date mole-mapping. Super Hans's stag night. Jeremy's life-coaching love triangle. Instead of an elegiac vibe, the final series of Peep Show has kept things extraordinarily lively, while allowing its characters subtly to develop in something like a believable way. Jeremy is wrestling with the challenge of getting his act together and, at 39, beginning adulthood. Mark is pursuing love and history in one person. As Jeremy's 40th approaches, Mark faces down the latest in a series of work crises and makes a last-ditch attempt to win back April.

John Robinson, The Guardian, 16th December 2015

Tom Wagstaff made the lasting tribute to the Channel 4 show which follows the trials and tribulations of Corrigan, played by comedian David Mitchell.

Birmingham Mail, 16th December 2015

We hoped this day would never come, but now it lingers inevitably on the horizon. Peep Show is ending after nine series, and Croydon will never be as funny again. To mark the end of Mark and Jez, here's a selection of quotes from Peep Show that best sum up London.

Written by Will Noble. Londonist, 14th December 2015

So, after nine series, this is the last-ever Peep Show. Creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong make every scene and every word count in a final, hilarious dose of era-ending, squirm-inducing mayhem.

Will Robert Webb and David Mitchell's El Dude Brothers, Jez and Mark, suddenly become Trotter-style winners? Will Jez and Super Hans succeed with their outrageous plot to get April's husband Angus out of the way? Will Jez face 40 without lying to his boyfriend?

While die-hard fans probably already have a good idea about the answers to these and other questions, they will not be disappointed by the excruciating, downbeat brilliance of this fabulous curtain call. This is a classic comedy that will be sorely missed.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 14th December 2015

Peep Show is nearing its end. The finale of David Mitchell and Robert Webb's ninth series will air tonight. To comiserate, we've cast our minds back over the invaluable reflections on life the pair have given us over the years. From the philosophical to the practical, this is the world according to Mark and Jez.

The Daily Telegraph, 13th December 2015

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