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...But I'd still like to drop in on Mark and Jeremy when they're older.

Written by James Gill. The Radio Times, 3rd February 2015

The Telegraph, 23rd January 2015

You hear TV producers sometimes talking about the importance of having "strong female characters". This is balls, particularly in comedy.

Written by Robert Webb. The New Statesman, 22nd December 2014

The real beauty of Peep Show is the way in which it gradually teaches you more about yourself. Specifically, that you are a socially uncomfortable, neurotic Mark of this world, rather than a feckless, senselessly optimistic Jeremy.

Written by Mary Stringer. Metro, 24th October 2014

Channel 4 will finally wave goodbye to David Mitchell and Robert Webb as Mark Corrigan and Jeremy "Jez" Usbourne with series nine at the end of next year.

Written by Ben Dowell. The Radio Times, 20th October 2014

I have had a Twitter account - @thejohnfleming - since March 2009 but, honestly, I have never got the hang of it. Nonetheless, people follow me - only 2,026 at the moment, but every little helps. Naomi Rohatyn started to follow me last week. Her profile says: "Wildly unsuccessful comedy writer in LA. Aspiring to become wildly unsuccessful comedy writer in London."

Written by John Fleming. John Fleming's Blog, 6th October 2014

While Peep Show is one of the funniest shows you'll ever watch, we can't say we would aim to recreate the lives of its two primary characters, Jez and Mark. However, there are always a few among us who identify with the two eternal housemates in more ways than one. Now, following these simple steps, you too can also make sure you plan a wedding as anticlimactic, miserable and awkward as theirs.

Written by Deborah Cicurel. Metro, 13th September 2014

There's no show better in the world for teaching us stammering Brits how best to live our life than Peep Show.

Written by Deborah Cicurel. Metro, 17th February 2014

Good news for Peep Show fans as Sam Bain, co-writer of the hit Channel 4 comedy, tells he will not kill off Jeremy and Mark.

Written by Ben Dowell. The Radio Times, 27th January 2014

Although Peep Show is coming to an end after the ninth series, David Mitchell has hinted that all is not over yet.

Written by Sam Walker. BBC News, 23rd October 2013

Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show started life as a clip-based offering inspired by animated series Beavis and Butthead, say its creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

Written by Paul Jones. The Radio Times, 15th October 2013

David Mitchell has said that even if Peep Show is cancelled after the next series, he hopes there will be a reunion show one day.

Metro, 2nd October 2013

After 10 years and eight series, Peep Show is expected to bow out in 2014 with a final farewell for the world's worst flatmates, Mark and Jeremy. The El Dude Brothers may well be no more.

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 26th September 2013

Peep Show is a decade old this week - and these are the vital life lessons vis a vis doing the washing up the Channel 4 comedy has taught us.

Written by Matt Goddard. The Daily Mirror, 19th September 2013

Michael Hogan looks back over the past decade to see why Peep Show has become the longest-running sitcom in Channel 4's history.

Written by Michael Hogan. The Daily Telegraph, 19th September 2013

After 2010's slightly flabby and directionless seventh series, it was great to see Peep Show get back to its best this year. The storylines were tighter, the writing wittier and the series blessed with pitch-perfect performances from the entire cast. From Jez's meltdown at the psychiatrist's to Mark using a biography of Napoleon as makeshift lavatory paper, Peep Show series 8 was a memorable one even by the show's own high standards.

Tom Cole, Radio Times, 26th December 2012

A brilliantly unseasonal Christmas Eve treat as the excellent latest run of Peep Show concludes. Peep Show continues to boast the narrative dynamics of a cartoon - for the series to continue, Mark and Jez have to end up back where they started. Jez has moved in with Super Hans ('welcome to the Black Hole of Cal-nutter') but has been allotted a room inexplicably full of snakes. Meanwhile, Mark's excruciating pursuit of Dobby continues, although a spanner has been thrown into the works by the possibility of an offer she can't refuse. But will Jez scupper this weird, mutually destructive yet symbiotic friendship once and for all by confessing his love for Mark's paramour? She's probably too good for both of them. The longer this goes on, the more likely it feels that these two will end up like Steptoe and son.

Phil Harrison, Time Out, 24th December 2012

It's showdown time. Jez's crush on Dobby was bound to bring him to blows with Mark. And Mark has turned into a time-bomb of control-freakery, fixated on getting Dobby to live with him, whatever the cost. It comes to a rampantly silly climax involving a "kangaroo court of love" and the world's most joyless picnic.

First, though, Mark ventures into about the worst place he could go - a game of five-a-side football. ("That was too hard! Someone's going to get hurt if you kick it that hard!") And Jez moves in to Super Hans's flat, "the black hole of Cal-nutter", which, in the space of a few lines, is established as one of the worst places to live imaginable. "We do peg and re-use the tea bags" is the least of it.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 24th December 2012

The penultimate episode of this run of Peep Show is another belter. Here's Louisa's review...

Written by Louisa Mellor. Den of Geek, 23rd December 2012

Another comic peek at the inner lives of hopeless men. Failed-musician-turned-life-coach Jez is under the writers' cosh this week. There's a lovely moment when he packs up to move out of Mark's flat and is horrified at how pathetic his worldly goods are: "How can that be all my stuff?" Mark's sister offers a place to stay, but she turns out to be using him as a sort of childcare slave.

Mark, meanwhile, does a brilliantly over-the-top pitch to be chairperson of his residents' committee ("A new dawn for Apollo House"), and listen out for a great dig at The Killing.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 23rd December 2012

Having Jez fall in love with Dobby has been the genius idea of the latest series of Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong's never-disappointing sitcom, which climaxes tonight in some pretty unsavoury places - not least Super Hans's flat. Dobby (the splendid Isy Suttie) is offered a job in New York, but should she stay or should she go?

Gerard Gilbert, The Independent, 22nd December 2012

Any comedy lumbering into its eighth series usually faces accusations of becoming stale and tired, but Peep Show doesn't have to worry about that: it's barely managed to rustle up a single negative review since it initially aired way back in 2003.

Written by Hilary Wardle. Giggle Beats, 19th December 2012

While there's still so much fun to be had with Peep Show's script, griping about holey plots and recycled set-ups feels - what's the word? Ungrateful. With only two episodes of the current series left, I plan to savour every remaining minute.

Written by Louisa Mellor. Den of Geek, 18th December 2012

The greatest TV sitcom ever made - but how long can it go on for?

Written by Howard Male. The Arts Desk, 18th December 2012

"Come on fate! This can't be right!" pleads Mark as Peep Show's merciless writers find new ways to humiliate him - this time by making Super Hans his boss. Mind you, it's never hard to make Mark (David Mitchell) feel angry and defeated. Dobby manages it just by giving him a couscous salad to take to work - or "My Tupperware box full of tasteless misery sand", as Mark prefers to think of it.

The couple's wildly different priorities are illustrated by the fact that Dobby (Isy Suttie) wants the pair of them to go inter-railing for a few months, while Mark would rather be taking evening classes for an MBA. It's another sharply written, horribly funny episode.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 16th December 2012

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