Episode 3.6 - The Snake

The Indian busmen hold a social evening at the depot canteen with an attractive snake dancer...

First Broadcast Details

Fri 6th February 1970
30 minutes

Main Repeats

Note: Any repeats of this episode broadcast before 2009 are not shown
  • Tue 19th Aug 2014 (6:10am, ITV3)
  • Mon 12th Jan 2015 (5:20pm, ITV3)
  • Thu 2nd Apr 2015 (5:15pm, ITV3)
  • Sat 4th Apr 2015 (6:10am, ITV3)

Episode 3.6 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Reg Varney ... Stan Butler
Bob Grant ... Jack Harper
Stephen Lewis ... Inspector Blake
Anna Karen ... Olive
Doris Hare ... Mum
Michael Robbins ... Arthur
Guest Cast
Julia Mendez ... Fatima
Ishaq Bux ... Ahmed
Vemu Makunda ... Vina Player
Austin Baptiste ... Tabla Player
Writing Team
Ronald Chesney ... Writer
Ronald Wolfe ... Writer
Production Team
Stuart Allen ... Director
Stuart Allen ... Producer
Andrew Gardner ... Production Design

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