The Invisibles. Image shows from L to R: Syd Woolsey (Warren Clarke), Maurice Riley (Anthony Head), Hedley Huthwaite (Dean Lennox Kelly). Image credit: Company Pictures.

The Invisibles

A comedy drama series about two old-time crooks who leave Spain to move to a sleepy Devon fishing village

Desperados (Working Title)
Comedy Drama
2008  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Anthony Head, Warren Clarke, Dean Lennox Kelly, Jenny Agutter, Mina Anwar, Paul Barber, Emily Head, Darren Tighe
William Ivory
Company Pictures

Syd Woolsey and Maurice Riley are old friends who return from the good life on the Costa del Crime, where they have spent their ill-gotten gains, to a quiet Devon fishing village, planning to eke out their retirement fishing and availing themselves of the NHS.

However, the quiet life is not for them and, with money running short, they quickly find themselves drawn back into a life of crime - only to find that crime has moved on and they've got new things to learn.

Our Review: This comedy drama sank fairly quickly, probably because it was very middle-of-the-road - not terrible, but not particularly great either. We've still yet to find anyone who was really enthusiastic about it.