Hounded. Image shows from L to R: Captain Gelina / Gill (Eva Alexander), Rufus (Rufus Hound), Corporal Buck / Barry (Colin Ryan). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


CBBC sitcom starring Rufus Hound. The comedian is chased through space and time by the evil Dr Muhahahaha

2010  (CBBC)
13 (1 series)
Rufus Hound, Colin McFarlane, Nadine Marshall, Steven Wickham, Eva Alexander, Colin Ryan, Jan Ravens
Matt Brito, Caimh McDonnell, John Warburton, Paula Hines, Jack Cheshire, Julia Kent, Carl Carter, Tony Cooke, Neil Gibbons, Rob Gibbons, John Camm
British Broadcasting Corporation

Hounded is a sitcom for CBBC in which Rufus Hound, hapless presenter of fictional science show Funlab, has a very bad day... repeatedly.

When a scientific experiment on the first Funlab show goes wrong, Rufus is sucked into a parallel universe where television and movie special effects are part of everyday life. It's a world inhabited by evil but incompetent "genius" Dr Muhahahaha, who is trying to take over the Earth.

Dr Mu (as he is known for short) develops a serious grudge against Rufus, who finds an ally in his Future Self, who keeps cropping up to help him. In a series of fantastic adventures, Rufus is hounded across the known multiverse by Dr Mu and his irritatingly pedantic chief scientific advisor, Steve.

Blundering across space and time through dimensions governed not by the laws of nature but by the laws of comedy, Rufus meets the comic characters who inhabit the parallel world of Hounded.

Developed by the team behind BBC Three's innovative sketch show The Wrong Door, Rufus must thwart Dr Muhahahaha and find his way home. At the end of each adventure Rufus crashes back into his own universe, finding himself back in his flat about to start the same fateful day again...

Our Review: We've quite enjoyed Hounded: there are some great gags, and it does flow reasonably well. However, being a childrens' show it can go pretty slowly at times - but then we're not really the target audience, so can't complain too much in that particular respect. It does seem to be enjoyed by the intended viewer though, and there are some great gags - but still, we can't help but remember that kids' sitcoms have been done better.