Dick And Dom's Funny Business. Image shows from L to R: Dick, Dom. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Dick And Dom's Funny Business

CBBC show in which presenters Dick and Dom introduce child-friendly sketches and stand-up from comedy circuit regulars

2011  (BBC Two)
13 (1 series)
Richard McCourt, Dominic Wood, Steven Burge, Tony Way, John Willie Hopkins, Richard Glover, Kelly-Anne Lyons
George Sawyer, Steve Parry, Nico Tatarowicz, Larry Rickard, Ben Spiteri, Lee Chapman, Adrian Kennedy, Richard McCourt, Dominic Wood
British Broadcasting Corporation

Filmed in front of a live studio audience, Dick And Dom's Funny Business finds the CBBC presenting duo running their own comedy business.

In each weekly episode their venue plays host to established comedy stars - including Stephen K Amos, Jason Byrne, Warwick Davies and John Thomson - and brand-new acts - including Idiots Of Ants, The Three Englishmen, Oram & Meeten, Frisky & Mannish and Pappys - in a mirthful mixture of sitcom and sketches.

Meanwhile recurring characters appearing on tape include The Wrestlers, who want to fight Dick and Dom; Animals' Den, where inventors pitch their animal-friendly products to furry entrepreneurs; and the 40-Year-Old Scout, whose leader won't let him leave until he has all his badges.

In addition, Dick and Dom showcase the art of slapstick in their History Of Comedy video demonstration.

Each show is finished off in style as house-band Abandoman sing the praises of the day's special guest in a razor-sharp improvised rap number.

Our Review: It's a noble idea to introduce the younger generation to today's current and up-and-coming comedy stars.

Watching from an adult's point of view, some of the sketches are unsurprisingly a bit more juvenile than we're used to from these acts (e.g. Pappy's sketch troupe singing along to what we think was Justin Bieber), but the kids in the studio audience seem to love it, and it is useful extra TV exposure for all involved.

However, it's not all positive. The interlinking sitcom script (Dick and Dom running the venue and trying to look after the acts) features some terribly creaky 'gags' and we're not entirely sure all the laughter we heard came directly from the live studio audience. For example, how many of them would have got the joke about Michael Jackson's album titles?

It's the sketches that credit the young viewers with the intelligence they have which score best - we particularly liked the 40-Year-Old Cub Scout still being made to do badge work by his Scout Leader.