Dad. Image shows from L to R: Brian Hook (George Cole), Beryl Hook (Julia Hills), Vincent Hook (Toby Ross-Bryant), Alan Hook (Kevin McNally). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


Generation-gap comedy. Alan Hook and his father Brian are brought together when Brian becomes ill, however they still don't understand each other. Meanwhile history seems to be repeating itself with Alan's son Vincent

1997 - 1999  (BBC One)
13 (2 series)
George Cole, Kevin McNally, Julia Hills, Toby Ross-Bryant
Andrew Marshall
British Broadcasting Corporation

When Alan Hook's father, Brian, has a bout of illness, the two are brought together after many years of growing further apart. Unfortunately for Alan, he finds his well-intentioned father to be even more annoying now than he did when he was a teenager; and Vincent, Alan's son, finds himself just as distanced from Alan as Alan does from Brian.

Starring Kevin McNally (Pirates Of The Caribbean) and George Cole (Minder) as Alan and Brian respectively, Dad was created and penned by 2point4 Children writer/creator Andrew Marshall.

Our Review: A deceptively dark comedy from Andrew Marshall, who, along with his often writing-partner David Renwick, is never afraid to explore areas which are otherwise neglected.

On the whole, a good show, which is sadly overlooked and much forgotten. Very enjoyable, and clever without being in-your-face. Fans of more modern and abrupt comedy, whilst appreciating the issues addressed, may fail to see past the quintessentially Britcom home-setting.