Candy Cabs. Image shows from L to R: Sally-Ann (Danielle Henry), Stella (Melanie Hill), Jackie O'Sullivan (Jo Joyner), Elaine Partridge (Lisa Millett), Big Pam (Lu Corfield), Amanda (Claire Sweeney). Image credit: Splash Media.

Candy Cabs

Comedy drama about the lives and loves of a group of northern women launching an all-female cab company

Comedy Drama
2011  (BBC One)
3 (1 series)
Jo Joyner, Lisa Millett, Danielle Henry, Melanie Hill, Lu Corfield, Claire Sweeney, Paul Nicholls, Denis Lawson, John Henshaw, Jodie Prenger, Paul Kaye & more
Johanne McAndrew, Elliot Hope, Jane Lush
Splash Media

Best friends Jackie and Elaine are mourning the death of their friend Shazza, whose passing has left them in the lurch just as they were set to go into business with an all-female cab company. It's at Shazza's funeral that they make a pact to proceed with their plan.

With chaotic personal lives, a secretly re-mortgaged home and a bunch of best friends depending on them for jobs, they embark on their dream of Candy Cabs. Taking the biggest gamble of their lives, they accept delivery of a fleet of bright pink taxis, celebrate with a launch party and pray that business will flow.

But they soon discover a host of hidden obstacles, including the need to sit the "knowledge" before they can even hit the road, and the little problem of signing up customers. Jackie takes an unorthodox approach to manipulating the media, much to Elaine's dismay. And just what are the motives of Kenny Ho, the enigmatic boss of the town's largest fleet of cabs?

The shady Dennis, Shazza's ex, turns up to disrupt their lives, Elaine struggles to keep her secret from her husband and, unexpectedly, romance is in the air for Jackie.

With so many distractions, can they keep their eyes on the road and turn their fledgling business into the success they dream about?