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Candy Cabs

BBC One comedy drama. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2011. Stars Jo Joyner, Lisa Millett, Danielle Henry, Melanie Hill, Lu Corfield, Claire Sweeney, Paul Nicholls and others.

Press Clippings

Candy Cabs closed down by BBC One

The comedy drama about a group of women setting up a taxi firm will not return, the BBC has confirmed.

British Comedy Guide, 3rd June 2011

Another view on Candy Cabs

Taxi-firm owner Denise Smith enjoys the highly unprofessional fun of Candy Cabs.

Laura Barnett, The Guardian, 1st May 2011

Candy Cabs finale was utterly charmless

Candy Cabs has left our screens for the time being, but beware, because the writers have left the door open for a second series.

Rachel Tarley, Metro, 20th April 2011

Candy Cabs Q&A: Danielle and Lu

It's the last episode of Candy Cabs tonight (21.00, BBC One). Watch out teaser clip (above) and read the final Candy Cabs Q&A interview. Danielle Henry and Lu Corfield answer your questions...

Steve Saul, BBC Comedy, 19th April 2011

Candy Cabs Q&A: Claire, Jodie and Melanie

Don't miss the last episode of Candy Cabs tonight (21.00, BBC One). Before you watch that, read our interviews with the stars of Candy Cabs. Next up? Claire Sweeney, Jodie Prenger and Melanie Hill answer your questions...

Steve Saul, BBC Comedy, 19th April 2011

The televisual equivalent of hormone replacement therapy ends this week with one last, daffy spin around the block for the women-only taxi firm.

No actual medical research has been carried out, but having your eyeballs assaulted by this unrelenting, sea of pink for 60 minutes leaves you with the weird compulsion to crack open a bottle of sparkling rose and the feeling that youve gone up at least one cup size. And that goes for any men watching too. (Are there any men watching?)

In the final instalment, Jackie and Elaine (Jo Joyner and Lisa Millett) are fighting off claims that Candy Cabs is sexist. (Thats the firm, not the entire series, in case you were wondering). Surely not! How can an office where the women strip off to their undies every week for their weekly Fat Club weigh-ins and the men are either totty or Neanderthals possibly be considered sexist?

The firms future depends on a tense court hearing although they really missed a trick in not getting Elle from Legally Blonde to represent them.

Fans will be pleased to know that it ends with the passenger door left wide open for a possible follow-up.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 19th April 2011

Candy Cabs Q&A: Jo and Lisa

It's the last episode of Candy Cabs tonight (21.00, BBC One). If you can't wait, here's Candy Cabs Q&A. We put your questions to the stars of Candy Cabs. First up? Jo Joyner and Lisa Millet...

Steve Saul, BBC Comedy, 18th April 2011

Candy Cabs, sexist drivel in which the ­feckless men are always fools and the stereotyped ­women are never dressed. Memo to Claire Sweeney... put your clothes on!

Playing the ­magnificently named Jackie O'Sullivan, ­EastEnders star Jo Joyner's northern accent doesn't get past North London. 'Appen it's Tanya.
Just horrible. Is this what BBC drama has come to?

Kevin O'Sullivan, The Mirror, 17th April 2011

'Candy Cabs' waves goodbye to 1m viewers

New BBC comedy Candy Cabs lost more than 1m viewers on Tuesday evening, but still outperformed Smugglers on ITV1, the latest audience data has revealed.

Andrew Laughlin, Digital Spy, 13th April 2011

Show makes you re-evaluate women's position in society

Candy Cabs is a big mess of hair, nails and shocking pink. But when you consider the message this programme is sending out, it's not only the pink that is shocking.

Rachel Tarley, Metro, 13th April 2011