...And Mother Makes Three. Image shows from L to R: David Redway (Richard Coleman), Sally Harrison (Wendy Craig). Image credit: Thames Television.

...And Mother Makes Three

Sally Harrison is a widow trying to hold down a job and bring up two sons, Peter and Simon

1971 - 1973  (ITV)
27 (4 series)
Wendy Craig, Richard Coleman, Robin Davies, David Parfitt, Valerie Lush, George Selway, Miriam Mann
Richard Waring, Peter Robinson, Peter Buchanan
Thames Television

Sally Harrison, an attractive widow, faces the prospect of raising two teenage boys, a cat and a goldfish on her own. She decides to get a job with the local vet and ask her Auntie to come and live with the family.

Our Review: Charmingly middle-class, this Wendy Craig comedy made an underwhelming although promising start. The premise was a good one, but execution lacked and the first series failed to have any real 'life' or 'spark'. However, when scripting duties were spread out between a number of writing teams for the second run, the show's quality greatly improved, and ensured its life for a further 2 series. Inspired by Craig's long running BBC sitcom Not In Front Of The Children, it proved to be every bit as popular as its predecessor, totalling 27 episodes over four series.

Indeed, it only ended at that point as Sally fell for her new employer, David Redway, an antiquarian bookseller who had a young daughter. They married and all started living together - the series, therefore, changed its title to ...And Mother Makes Five and ran for a further 26 episodes.