After Henry. Image shows from L to R: Sarah France (Prunella Scales), Eleanor Prescott (Joan Sanderson). Image credit: Thames Television.

After Henry

A gentle ITV sitcom adapted from the BBC radio series. It starred Prunella Scales as a widow who lives with her daughter and her mother

1988 - 1992  (ITV)
38 (4 series)
Prunella Scales, Joan Sanderson, Janine Wood, Jonathan Newth, Fanny Rowe, Peggy Ann Wood, Edward de Souza
Simon Brett
Thames Television

After the death of her husband, Henry, Sarah has been left pretty well provided for.

Unfortunately, she has also been left with an exacting mother, Eleanor, who is living downstairs, and an adolescent daughter, Clare, who lives upstairs and longs for independence - but only if mother is there to clear up the mess.

Our Review: One of the few ITV comedies of the late 1980s that kept the viewer amused, and, in the process, the star managed to shake off her image as Basil Fawlty's tyrannical wife at long last.